Half Marathon Training Week 3

This week has been great for running! I was nervous about the 5 day running week but so far, it has turned out fine! I had an especially awesome run today that we will get to in a minute. Here is what I ran this week:

Monday: strength training/ walking

Tuesday: 7 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles recovery

Thursday: 4 miles speed work, 4X800 plus warm-up and cool down

Friday: 3 miles

Saturday: strength training

Sunday: 4 miles

Total: 21 miles

Today’s run was really good! I was only supposed to do 3 miles but I was feeling good so I decided to change it to 4 miles instead. I ran this 4 miler faster than I have in years!! Here’s my stats:

Time: 37:39

Avg pace: 9:24 min/ mile!!

Mile 1: 9:58

Mile 2: 9:30

Mile 3: 9:24

Mile 4: 8:44 !!

Ya’ll, I can’t believe I ran this fast for 4 miles! I just really keep impressing myself with these fast runs!! I would say my training is going great!!

Jaime and I are having a great time together!! We have done a lot of shopping, eating, and girl talk! I am so glad she will be here for another 2 days!! And on Tuesday, we are going Wedding Dress shopping! I am SUPER excited! This is the thing that I have been looking forward to the most! There will be more wedding related questions coming tomorrow! Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Labor Day!


  1. Sounds like such a great weekend and awesome girl on the running. Proud of you!! :)

  2. Awesome run! Don't you love feeling speedy?

    Wedding dress shopping...sooooo fun! (Well, it has been for my friends...I like watching everyone try stuff on!)

  3. Have fun wedding dress shopping!