Mixing it up!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! My Christmas Break has been going good so far! I’ve been keeping myself super busy! Today I did a BUNCH of Christmas shopping and present wrapping!! I am about done with my Christmas shopping! I may pick up a few more things, maybe not. I’m just excited I have presents under my tree!! Yesterday, my mom and I went and bought my new IPhone!! She’s getting my brother and I one for Christmas! I picked out a cute cover too! Sadly, she is making me wait until Christmas day to get it :( I have been waiting so long for this phone!! I can’t wait until Christmas!!


On to running… Yesterday, I had an early morning 3 miler with Erin. It was nice, actually a little warmer than it’s been!! It was the first day of her half marathon training! She’s gonna do great! Ya’ll make sure and follow her along and encourage her through her training!! I had unofficially decided to run 5 miles today, but when I woke up I really didn’t feel like it. So I decided to do the same boot camp workout I did Sunday morning, and run 5 miles tomorrow. I also decided that until I start officially training for my next half marathon, (end of January) I want to mix things up a bit. My plan is to cut my running from 5 days a week to 4 days a week, and do more strength training/ boot camp/ cross training workouts on the other 3 days. I decided to do this because I don’t want to get bored with my running since I’m not officially in training mode. I don’t want to get burned out by running too much, which could easily happen. Also, I want to work on toning myself up for my June wedding and strength training is just the way to do that! I love these boot camp workouts I’ve been doing! I feel so great after them! Ya’ll should definitely try them out! So that’s the plan, what do ya’ll think?


I have a few recipes to share!! The fist is from IGE and is a Turkey (Chicken) Pot Pie! It was delicious!!




I just finished up the leftovers!! YUM!


I’m not really sure what these next things are called, so I will just make up a name! I got the recipe the other day from my future SIL and then saw it on GreenDogWine the next day!! This is SUPER simple and is a nice treat that would be good to take to parties or just eat yourself!


Rolo Pretzels

Rolos- however many you want

Pretzels- the same amount as Rolos, obviously

Nuts (pecans or almonds work best) same amount as Rolos also


Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Place pretzels on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place Rolos on top.




Bake 5-7 minutes until Rolos are melty. Munch on a few pretzels while you wait :)


Immediately place nut on top of melty Rolo once out of oven. Press down to squish Rolo. Let cool and enjoy!!






These are so good! I can see them becoming very addicting! I must find someone to give some to! Any takers??


Unfortunately, my running buddy is sick so I am on my own for my run tomorrow. Feel better Erin! At least I can sleep in :)    I have a ton of blogs in my Google Reader to catch up on so sorry if I haven’t commented in a few days!! Have a wonderful night!!


  1. YAY!! So glad you made them! Mike was telling me "I hate Rolos" - and then he tried one of these concontions - and then proceeded to eat more than half the tray :)

  2. Wahoo - glad you liked the pot pie!!! Soooo jealous of your iPhone by the way! Merry Christmas!