New Blog Name + Tough 8 Miler

Hello! Hope this beautiful Sunday is treating you well!

My morning started off with my long run. I had an 8 miler on my St. Jude half training plan so I made sure to be up and out the door by 6:30am to beat the heat! Immediately my legs felt like lead and I just felt tired. I knew this run wasn’t going to go well, I could just feel it. The route I had planned was hilly too, which didn’t help with my legs of lead. By mile 2 I had already had to take a walk break and was so ready to call it quits, this run was just awful! But after some major self motivation and realization that I could do this run, I continued on! I told myself to throw all time goals out the window. I didn’t care about pace, I just wanted to finish these 8 miles. I took a lot of walk breaks, my body just felt exhausted. I took a Vanilla Bean GU at mile 5 and that perked me up a bit for the last 3 miles. I liked the Vanilla Bean flavor too! Tasted like vanilla frosting :) When my Garmin beeped 8 miles, I was so happy to be done! This was probably the hardest and slowest 8 miles I’ve ever done!! I will NEVER do a long run the day after a 5k race again! My legs were just dead! I really think that’s what made it feel so tough because my last few long runs have been great! So, I’m hoping next week’s long run will be easier with fresh legs.

On another note, I carried my handheld water bottle with me for the entire 8 miles and didn’t hate it! I actually really loved having water whenever I wanted it. I’ve had this handheld since last Christmas but have only used it a few times because after I used it a few times I decided I didn’t like carrying anything. But, I think my mind is officially changed! I didn’t even really notice it!! Plus, it was nice to have somewhere to carry my GU also!!


I’ve been talking for a while about getting a new name for my blog. I want to take my blog in a more running/training related direction and I want the name to reflect that. So, I have come up with 2 names that I really like and I want your opinions!! So here are my 2 favorite options:

1. Pounding The Pavement

2. Train Happy

What do you think? Which do you like best? Do you have any other suggestions?

I am planning to switch to wordpress, get my own domain name, and self host. I am going to try to transfer all my current blog stuff over to the new blog but who knows if that will work! So I may just end up starting fresh. Either way, I’m fine with it :) I will let y’all know when I switch over so you can still follow me, so be on the lookout for my new blog at some point in the near future! But until then, I will still be blogging here at NNA!

What features/topics/pages would you like to see in my new blog?


  1. I hate bad runs. But good for you for pushing yourself through. I love my handheld water bottle for long runs. It really gives me something to look forward to at every mile, I stop take a few sips, and move on.

    I think I like the second name best.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend darling!

  2. Definitely like the second option better! Pounding the pavement doesn’t sound nearly as upbeat, and if you’re doing more tri’s in the future, the name might be too focused on running. :) I totally just analyzed that way too much.

    Great job on your 8 miler. I did 10 miles on Saturday and felt awful – just out of “long run” shape! But then did 7 today and felt great. Ah, the ups and downs of training. :)

  3. I like Train Happy!

  4. I agree,,, train happy is the winner :)

  5. Thanks for this post, I am considering talking about the same in my blog.