Swimming Stress Reliever

Today was an awful day! I will spare y’all with the details of what we had to do at school today, but let’s just say it’s something I will never do again! And it made for a very uncomfortable and stressful day. And what’s a better way to relive that stress than working out?? Well chocolate and wine maybe…. but today swimming was definitely my stress reliever!!

I’m still kind of unsure of what I should be doing in the pool, so all you triathletes and swimmers, please provide me with some guidance! But for now I’m just winging it! I started out swimming 500 meters freestyle then finished up with another 500 meters alternating breast stroke and freestyle every 100 meters. So my grand total was 1000meters. Took me about 30 minutes and I felt pretty good with that. I am hoping to keep increasing my swim distance every week so this is just where I’m starting! Something about the pool is so calming. Most of the times when I’m running I think about a lot of stuff but not when I’m swimming! My mind is a completely blank canvas. It’s quite nice to not think!

Well, that’s really all I have for tonight!! Don’t forget to visit my St. Jude donation page and help me raise money for the kiddos at St. Jude!! A HUGE thank you to my first two donations: my parents and Liz from Little Bitty Bakes!! Y’all are so fabulous!! Also, if you have any good fundraising ideas, please let me know!! Have a great night!!



  1. Oh no!!! Sorry you had such a bad day. Although, I'm kinda curious as to what it was you had to do?!?!

  2. 1000m in 30 minutes isn't bad! Alternating strokes works different muscle groups, so it's great to keep changing like you do.

    Glad I could help with your fundraising! I don't get to volunteer much anymore, so I figured donating to a great cause is the next best thing!

  3. You should by the book "Swim workouts in a binder" by Gale Bernhardt. I think I got mine from amazon for like $15, but you can probably find it in a borders too. Lots of great workouts. The distances will probably be a little advanced for you right now, but you could always shorten them.