Toe Blister HELP!

Hello, hello! Hope this fine Monday is treating y’all well! I don’t mind Mondays so much when I don’t have to go to clinical :) I go Wed-Fri this week. That’s the good thing about 12 hour shifts, you only go 3 days a week :)

Anyway… I have a few runs to share with you. Let’s back up to yesterday. I had an easy 4 miler on the schedule. I have issues with “easy” runs because I am always trying to run faster and faster. For the most part, my “easy” runs turn into progression runs where I keep trying to run each mile a bit faster. My easy pace is supposed to feel easy and well, this run felt moderate, definitely not easy. Oh well, I’m sure I am benefiting from a faster pace! Just hope it doesn’t hinder my recovery and such. This run was quite uneventful. I spent the entire run thinking, which I normally don’t do! I usually zone out but my mind was going a mile a minute! Mostly about my blog raffle and launching my new blog (more on that soon!). So the run ended up flying by, which is nice!! Plus, the weather was awesome, 58 degrees!

4 miles in 39:21

Mile 1: 10:30

Mile 2: 9:54

Mile 3: 9:44

Mile 4: 9:12

Avg Pace: 9:50


And today I decided to do a 3 miler, supposedly easy but I ran it moderately again! It was super windy today, which reminded me of how much wind comes along with cold temps. I absolutely HATE running in the wind. But it wasn’t too bad today! Again, another uneventful run. I did see some people out running this weekend though! I have lived in my town over 2 years and have never seen another runner (besides my old running buddy), until this weekend and I saw 3! Crazy, right?!? Guess the running thing is catching on out here in the boondocks :)

3 miles in 28:56

Mile 1: 10:15

Mile 2: 9:45

Mile 3: 8:58

Avg Pace: 9:39

I was really booking it for that last mile :) Sometimes it just feels good to run fast and hard!!


Alright, now on to the title of this post: Toe Blister Help!! All of a sudden, this past week I have started to get these blood blisters on the bottoms of my big toes. They hurt too, especially while running!! I’ve tried using body glide on my feet, doesn’t really help. I thought it might be my thin socks I wear, so I bought some new socks yesterday at the running store and am hoping those help. But do y’all have any other suggestions for blisters? They are so annoying and I am afraid they are going to mess up my long run this weekend!!


And last but not least, have you entered my St. Jude Blog Raffle yet?!? You have until Friday and it’s for a great cause! And it’s only $5 people! I know y’all have $5 to spare!!

Have a great day :)


  1. Are your socks cotton? Make sure they are not made of a single ounce of cotton. I guess cotton absorbs sweat and causes major blisters.

    I noticed I was getting so many water blisters when I was wearing the wrong socks.

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