Women Run Memphis 5k Race Recap!!

Before I start my Women Run Memphis race recap let’s back up a bit and talk about my running earlier this week… Since I now have clinicals for 12 hours, 3 days a week, I have limited days to get my running in so I have to be extra vigilant about it!! I wasn’t good about waking up for Tuesday’s run and ended up on the treadmill , so I knew Wednesday I had to get up early and get my 5 miler started before it got too hot!! My St. Jude Half training plan told me I had 5 easy miles to run at a 10:45 pace. That seemed a bit slow for me even for my easy runs but Runner’s World seems to know what they are doing so I tried to stick to that pace… didn’t work too well :)

5 miles in 52:22

Mile 1: 10:42

Mile 2: 10:29

Mile 3: 10:33

Mile 4: 10:27

Mile 5: 10:13

Avg Pace: 10:29

I’ll take that for an easy run!! My 5 mile route is not my favorite running route but it went fine. Nice and hilly! Haha. It makes such a difference when I get my butt out of bed and the majority of my runs are done before the sun is beating down on me! Although, this will change once it gets cold and I will be begging for the heat from the sun!


And this morning was the 5k for the Women Run Memphis group that I’ve been going to on Monday nights. So sad it’s over! I had a blast running with these ladies!! The 5k went well! I took 6 seconds off my time from the Forrest Spence 5k I did a few weeks ago so I’ll take that! This run felt tough though! I was hot and probably dehydrated. Another bad thing about being at the hospital 12 hours the day before a run: no time to hydrate. I probably drank only 1 or 2 bottles of water the entire day yesterday! That always makes for a little tougher of a run! But I was happy with my time and happy that race was over! I was super tired at the end!

3 miles in 28:39

Mile 1: 9:03

Mile 2: 9:03

Mile 3: 9:32

Mile 3-3.1: 1:02 (8:56 pace)

Avg Pace: 9:12

I didn’t have my paparazzi there with me today (AKA my family) so I didn’t get any race pictures :(   I did take some afterward of myself and the pretty pink medals we got though!! I think all races should give out finishers medals, I love them!!


Me and my medal in our pretty pink tech shirts we got also!!


Race bib and medal


Medal close up :)

I loved this program and definitely hope to do it again next summer!!

Well that’s all for now, I have a long run tomorrow so hopefully that goes well!! Have a great night!!

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