The Past Couple Of Days…

Good morning!! I have had a really busy and stressful past couple of days!! For those of you who don’t know, I am in CRNA (nurse anesthesia) school and I had the biggest test of my life (so far) yesterday!! It was a comprehensive pharmacology test over 100+ drugs, all case scenarios! I have been stressed to the max studying for this while still having a full load of classes! And it’s finally over!! I have to pass this to start clinicals on Monday, so hopefully I did! I should know within the next couple of days so I will keep y’all updated!! It’s such a relief that it is over, but my tummy has been paying dearly for all the stress. I have had the worst stomach ache the past 3 days and it is still with me this morning, so I decided to push back my 5 miler until tomorrow and rest. It’s such a dreary day here too, so it’s making me feel lazy :)

I did have a nice run on Monday though!! I set out just do do an easy 4 mile recovery run, since I did my long run on Sunday. My legs felt tired but not too bad. I ran my usual hilly 4 mile route and felt pretty great the entire time. I wasn’t trying to push myself at all, just trying to get some blood pumping through my tired legs!! The goal was to keep my pace around my long run pace, but I ended up going a bit faster.

4 miles in 40:51

Mile 1: 10:36

Mile 2: 10:10

Mile 3: 10:11

Mile 4: 9:56

Avg Pace: 10:13


I am trying to put together a really awesome blog raffle to help me raise money for my St. Jude Hero fund!! I’ve been contacting companies to get some really awesome running/fitness related products so stay tuned!! And if you have any ideas or specific items you would like me to try to get for the raffle let me know!! I’m open to all ideas and suggestions!!

And last but not least…. a big THANKS to my sister in law Angie and good friend Megan for donating to my St. Jude Hero Fund!! If you would like to donate, check out my donation page!!

I hope y’all have a fabulous day!!


  1. Awww, hun! Sorry to hear about all the stress lately. It sounds like the stomach ache may be a result. Take care and here is to a better week!

  2. I hope you feel better soon and I'm sure you did great on your test!