4 miles!!

I decided today, spur of the moment, that I was going to run 4 miles today. I have only been up to 3 at this point and decided today was the day to start incorporating a longer run once a week. I knew the weather was only supposed to get to 69 degrees today so I opted to sleep in, eat breakfast, and head out for my run about 1pm. I drove out to Collierville, where my parents live, because they have so much more running trails than I do by my house. I chose one with some hills, but no major ones that would kill me! I started out trying to go at a slower pace and felt really good the whole run! I ran on some paved trails that lead from one park to another and I have always had this fear that a snake was going to fall out of a tree, on top of me! Haha. I absolutely HATE snakes, they are my biggest fear. And now that the weather is warm, I know their out! So for most of the run, all I could think about was watching the trees and everything in front of me that looked like a snake! Needless to say, that part of the run went by fast!! Nothing to tell about how I felt because I felt really good the whole run. I did see lots of squirrels and a bunny hopping along the trail too!! So here are my stats:

4 miles in 43:08
10:46 min/ mile pace

I did speed it up the last mile and especially the last half mile. I love finishing a run strong! Not too bad of a pace considering what my pace for my shorter runs have been! Not the 38 min 4 miler I used to run but hey, that will take time to get back to! Overall, I am really happy with myself that I decided to try a 4 miler today and actually succeeded!!


  1. You go girl!!!! Proud of you!! :O)