TSL Week 1

Here is my TSL challenge update and total for week 1:

Wednesday: 2 points for making meals at home
-5 for eating lunch out with an out of town friend:(
1 point for taking a shower with the lights off (I'm not in the dark, I have a window in my bathroom that provides plenty of light!)

Thursday: 3 points for making all meals at home
1 point for recycling a water bottle
1 point for not straightening my hair
1 point for showering with the lights off

Friday: 2 points for making meals at home
-5 for eating dinner out with the fam for Mother's Day
1 point for recycling some bottles
1 point for showering with the lights off

That's a total of 20 points for the week. Unfortunately I had a lot of meals outside the home going on this week, going away dinner, lunch with an out of town friend, and dinner for my mom's bday and Mother's Day. Couldn't really get out of any of them. Hopefully next week I can eat more meals at home! I did discover I could shower during daylight times with no lights on! And I have been very diligent about recycling! Overall I am doing a lot more frugal/ green things than I was before the challenge so that's really neat! Hope to get more points next week! Any ideas on being green or frugal would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. just wanted to say hi! i havent been over on your page forever. sorry i have been lacking in catching up on reading, but i did tonight lol!. hope you havea great weekend, well whats left of it! :)