Friday Running

I set my alarm on my phone last night to go off at 7am so I could get up and run before it got too hot. Well unfortunately, I set my alarm but didn't turn it on. So I woke up about 7:45 and got out the door at 8. Now I know it's just a 1 hour difference, but it is hotter at 8am than at 7am! Anyway, I just decided to do a 2 miler since my hamstrings were still sore. I ran hard though and finished 2 miles in 19:28, a 9:43 min/mile pace! That is good for me! That is about the pace I ran my half in about 3 years ago! Can't believe I could run 13.1 miles at that pace and am now really winded after 2. Sad story:( At least it gives me hope and makes me want to work harder!! I've decided that instead of trying really hard to increase my mileage, I am going to do it more slowly. For my running, it is incredibly important for me to have a solid base before I start upping the mileage. And I don't feel like I have gotten there yet. So I am going to keep on, adding more days of running until I feel more "comfortable". That way I will have a really solid base before I start training for any 1/2 or full marathons. I think for me, running more days is key in building my base. I know that alot of experts say just 3 days a week is the best and you can train for anything on just 3 days a week of running, but honestly I do better with about 5 days a week of running. Don't know why, that's just how it is! How about ya'll? How many days of running do you do?? And what works best??

After my run I took my sweet Sadie on a walk and then mowed my front and back yard. I don't have a small yard either! Took me about 2 hours! And man, that's a workout! It looks so much better now:) Tonight, I am going to eat with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday and an early Mother's day! We are going to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Piazza! Best desserts EVER! I can't wait!

Last night Al and I cooked out for the first time! We have this mini grill his dad made us and we decided to cook burgers and veggies! Actually, Al did all the cooking:) The burgers turned out AMAZING and so did the veggies! I am so proud of my BF!!

I will be back to post later with my TSL Challenge updates from the last couple days!


  1. I can't believe you ran 13 miles. Insane. I work out allll the time but running long distance really isn't my thing. I'm totally impressed by ppl who can do it though. Keep working will get there.

  2. I usually run 4 days a week because I feel I can shuffle them around well as needed. If 5 days works for you, I say go for it! You can run overall shorter distances to fight over doing it, and for a distace race, I'd still throw in a longer run once every week or two. I bet running more frequently as you do, your body learns to heal / recover faster too. :)