Quick update

My day has been pretty boring so far but very productive. I cleaned the house, bathrooms included, did a bunch of laundry, took Sadie for a run/walk, applied for another student loan, completed my technology orientation packet for school(which took forever!!) and caught up on some blogs and DVR. I am now waiting until 8:30 so I can go to soccer and get out of the house!

Last night Al and I had a very relaxing evening. We had "make your own pizza night" and watched Valkerie. The movie wasn't that great but the pizzas were fabulous! I made a veggie one and he made a bbq chicken and veggie one. Should have taken some pics but I forgot. Don't worry, we will be doing this again! Does anyone have anything interesting going on? I feel bored!


  1. For 'boring' you had a pretty busy day;) Pizza sounds yummy. I like a good veggie pizza. I'm not brave enough to try bbq chicken at home.