Beautiful Monday!!

We had awesome weather here today! It was 72 and sunny! The only downfall was it was pretty breezy. I decided that I should do a longer run today since I have plans all week long! I tried to talk myself into a short run since it was so windy but then I decided to stop being a baby and do my long run!! I did 4 miles like I had planned but it was a killer. Mostly because I went out too fast! I started off feeling great, running about a 9:30 min/mile for the 1st 2 miles. I kept thinking I probably should slow down but I was feeling so good so I didn't! Well after my halfway point, I started feeling very winded and tired. I kept pushing myself and finished the 4 miles without having to stop! Don't remember my exact time and I can't check my Garmin since I left it at my mom's house, but I do remember the final pace ended up being 10:14 min/mile! My last 4 miler last week was 10:45 min/ mile so that's quite a bit faster! And I was much more tired today than I was last week! I'm glad I went ahead and did it though!!

I can't wait for this weekend because I get to go to my lake house!! Yay! We have a lake house in Kentucky on Lake Cumberland and it is just beautiful!! Not sure if I will get to wake board or not, the water is still kinda cold in May. But I will definitely be working on my tan! Does anyone else have any fun plans for Memorial Day weekend??

PS: Who is excited about The Bachelorette tonight?!? I am!!


  1. I'm going to the lake this weekend too! It's usually too cold for the water in May, but it's a great tanning opportunity!! BTW, I watched the Bachelorette. I was very excited!!

  2. I was pumped about the Bachelorette! I love Jillian!

    p.s. I'm so jealous of your willpower when it comes to running...

  3. Loved the Bachelorette tonight! I think this is going to be an awesome season!

  4. I am SO jealous about your trip to your lakehouse! I love a good weekend by the water :)

  5. I love Jillian - she is so adorable! I was excited.

    The lake house sounds fun - get some pics.

    I have a tendancy to go out to fast and pay for it later. Way to keep moving through it!

  6. I need to watch the Bachelorette online! I missed it yesterday, but I loved Jillian and I love the bachelor/bachelorette shows!!

  7. Glad you're having such beautiful weather :)