Nothing went right today!!

Except for maybe my run this morning so I will start with that. Like I said yesterday, there is only one kind of terrain here: HILLS. You are either going up or down, there are no flat surfaces LITERALLY. So this makes for an interesting a hard run! I decided I would try to do 3 miles and I sure enough did it!! My pace was pretty good at 10:26 for all the hills I was running up. And there are some crazy steep hills too! To the point where my legs are SCREAMING as I'm running up and it's so steep going down I have to try hard not to kill myself! But it was great scenery and overall an awesome run! Now onto the rest of my day...

We got to out dock about 11am to head out on the boat. Everything was going good, got the boat started and we were cruising along. I was trying to decided if I wanted to venture into the cold water to wake board or not and then out boat suddenly stops. Uh oh. My dad started it right back up and we decided we should head back towards our dock. Then it shuts off again. And this time won't start. So we get the boat towing service to come but that take about an hour and a half which is fine by me cause I wanted to get some sun!! Well as the towing boat starts to pass us my parents decided to use the fog horn we randomly have to flag this guy down. TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT! Haha so we finally get towed in for a crazy price. So unfortunately no wake boarding and no more boating this weekend:(

So then I proceed to make some brownies for dessert tonight. Now for those of you who don't know me, I am an awesome baker (and I'm not trying to brag, it's just something I love and am really good at!!) Now I was going the easy way and just using a box mix which is still very yummy!! And one of my favorite things about making brownies is licking the batter out of the bowl (I know, what am I 5 years old??) So as I go to do my tasting, I notice something isn't right. And since I am a brownie batter connoisseur I followed my gut and didn't put them in the oven. After I investigated I found out that the oil I was using expired in 2007! YUCK!! Luckily I had a brand new bottle of oil on hand and another brownie mix so crisis averted!!

But it's just been one of those days!! At least I got some sun and get to spend a couple more days with my parents and extended family! Hope everyone else's weekend is chaos free!!


  1. Oh no! Glad you made it in off of the lake!

  2. At least you got some sun. :o) A silver lining to a rough day.

  3. Hi new to your blog! You have a cute blog out here!!

    So sorry about the boat thing!

  4. Sorry to hear you had a rough day. Tomorow's a new one.