Weekend update!

Somehow I managed to get today, a Sunday, off from work! Yay!! I worked Friday and Saturday and it was crazy! Barely sat down both days so I was extra happy to be off today! Round 2 at work starts tomorrow!!

It has been rainy here all weekend so I wasn't sure last night when I went to bed what time I would be able to run today. So I just decided to play it by ear. When you have nothing planned, it's nice to be able to sleep!! I slept until about 8:30 and it was still drizzly so I decided to make some breakfast. I made some yummy oats with a banana, blackberries, pumpkin butter, Naturally More PB (the best I have found yet!), cinnamon, and vanilla. It was delicious!! I then decided to catch up on some TV and blogs. I headed out for my run at noon. It was about 67 degrees, cloudy, with a very light breeze. PERFECT! I ran a 3 miler on my very hilly route but I felt really good the entire run! I picked up my pace the last 1/2 mile or so and still felt really good when I got home! I am hoping to increase up to 4 miles this coming week. Here are the stats I can remember from my Garmin since I am typing this from my parents house.

3 miles 30:39- 10:10min/mile pace- Pretty good since there was a lot of hills

I need to get back into doing The Shred. I plan to start back up tomorrow at 4am before work! Think I might go on to level 2 and see how that is!

The Simple Life Challenge- Here is how I've been doing so far on the challenge:
Friday: 3 points for making all my meals
1 point for carpooling to work
1 point for making my coffee at home
1 point for starting to recycle- Where I live we don't have anywhere to recycle so I decided to collect all my recyclables and take them to my parents house where their recyclables are picked up weekly.
Saturday: 3 points for making all my meals
1 point for making coffee at home
Sunday: 3 points for making all my meals
So that's 13 points so far for the weekend! I had planned to walk to Walmart today to get some stuff I needed for 1 more point but it started to rain right when I was walking out the door:(

I need some more ideas for a simple, green lifestyle!!

I am eating at my parents house tonight, chili and cornbread! YUM! Just got back from my favorite store ever!! THE FRESH MARKET!! Got some great stuff!! Spring Blend coffee, cereal, bourbon pecans(think I will add these to my oats one morning) Indian Summer mix, and some organic fruit roll ups! I can't wait to try that coffee in the morning! Hope everyone is having a GOOD weekend!!


  1. Good job with your Simple Life Challenge! We have a Fresh Market, too, and I love it!! I always buy way more than I intend to when I shop there because it all looks SO good!

  2. I saw this on Bobbi's blog. Good for you. I used to live in Virginia Beach and I miss the Fresh Market (but I don't miss Wal-Mart).