I got up this morning to a very windy and humid day. So I decided an inside circuit training workout was in order. This is where I sprint for 2 mins and then do some strength exercises for a couple mins such as lunges, squats, arm, and ab work. I ended up doing the circuit for a total of 45 mins and ran 2 miles. I was trying to concentrate more on the strength workout than the running one. But man, those sprints really get your heart rate up and make you tired! I did a total of 2 miles in 18:15 so I was going pretty fast for me!!

My BFF is in town this week so we decided to go see Obsessed today. It was really good! Definitely go see it if you haven't. Beyonce was awesome! And it had me cringing at some parts too! Definitely suspenseful!!

TSL challenge update for today:
Wednesday: 3 points for all meals at home
1 point for doing my own pedicure
1 point for recycling some newspapers
1 point for taking a shower with no lights on
1 point for bringing my own movie snack- grapes and pretzels!
So that's 7 points total! Yay! Today was a good day! So the total for the week is now up to 24 points! Woohoo! Doing much better this week!!

Does anyone have any good safety tips about running in the dark? I decided since the weather has gotten warmer, that on the days I work out before work I am going to run outside. And that's at 4 am so it's definitely still dark! I live in a safe area and all my running will be done on sidewalks. There aren't street lights in the neighborhoods but on the main street there is. So I feel like I will be safe but just looking for anymore tips anyone has! Oh and have ya'll gotten your new Runner's World yet? I think my subscription may have ended and I just forgot to renew it because I haven't got mine in the mail yet. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day! Looking forward to watching American Idol tonight!


  1. Will you be my personal trainer?! Ha!

  2. For running in the dark, I would recomment wearing light colors and some kind of reflective material so that you can be seen by oncoming traffic. Also, run on the side of the street so you are facing oncoming traffic so that you can see what is in front of you. Good job today on your workout! That's definitely more than I did today! :)

  3. Make sure you know the area that you're running in pretty well if you're running in the dark!

    The one and only time I ran in the dark in the last year, I took a detour to avoid a homeless guy in the canal. I ended up falling very badly and being on crutches for 2 weeks. So be very comfortable with your route before you head out!

  4. I'm with Whitney, can you be our trainer? haha!!! :)

  5. Ahh bring some mase. Maybe its cuz I live in DC so I don't think anywhere is safe...but I'm scared for you. Luckily you can probably outrun whoever is chasing you ;)