Had a VERY busy day at work!! Something about me being in charge means admitting a gazillion patients! Ahhh! Anyway, I am super excited about today!! Well mostly just my long run with my friend Katie!! She is a newer runner and has only ever done 4 miles. I had planned on doing 5 today so when she asked me to run with her I told her sure and we are gonna try to do 5 today! Ha! I think she's a little nervous about it but I reassured her that she will set that pace! I think she's a little slower then me but that's fine with me seeing as I haven't ran 5 miles in forever!! It's so fun running with friends!! I think we are planning to do lunch after too which is awesome:)

On Susan's blog, I read about the One Hundred Push Up Challenge!! Sounds fun to me because I know I can only do maybe 10 push ups! How fun to be able to eventually do 100?!? Think I will start this Monday seeing as I am still incredibly sore from doing that Jillian workout on Wednesday!! So ya'll check out the Push Up Challenge and if anyone wants to join me let me know!! Also, if ya'll don't read Susan's blog check it out! She is an awesome runner and just qualified for Boston in her last marathon!! Plus she's a fellow nurse:)

I also want to send a SHOUT OUT to all the people running San Diego this weekend!! Good luck to Bobbi, Meghann, Danika, Jocelyn, and all the other runners!! Ya'll are gonna do awesome and can't wait to read your race reports!!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY and I will be back later to let ya'll know how my 5 miler went!!


  1. Aww I remember the first time I hit my 5 mile mark, I hope the run is great! There is nothing like the feeling you get when you reach new mileage! Consider yourself lucky, because my friends would just laugh at me if I asked them to run!

    PS.I'll totally do an assessment on you if you send me your info! I love doing it, so I wouldn't mind at all. Of course, only if you want me to!

  2. Good luck on the 5 miles! That's awesome. Have a great weekend!

  3. good luck on your 5 miles!!

  4. I tried that 100 pushups challenge about a month ago but stopped b/c i was doing so bad lol. I was thinking of restarting it actually, and now i feel inspired!!


  5. Awww thanks so much for the shoutout! Keep me posted on your pushup progress. I tried it once before for about three weeks and it got really tough! I think we can make it all the way to 100 this time!