Short and Sweet

I don't have too much to write about today. I took Sadie on a run this morning and we ran for 11 minutes straight!! That was so goo for her! She was very tired after 11 mins so we stopped and did one more walking lap around the neighborhood. Needless to say, she has been lounging around the house all day!! I didn't do anymore running this morning because I have a soccer game tonight. Tonight starts our tournament so hopefully we win so we can play again next week!! I already know some of the other girls can't come so it looks like I will be playing most of the game, and that means I will be exhausted!! But I am ready to play!! I mowed my yard and weeded my flowerbeds today and that's about it! Any other American Idol fans out there? I'm hoping Adam wins! I think he's amazing!! Who do ya'll want to win?


  1. Sorry... but I have to say I'm pulling for Kris. We're kind of dating (in my dreams).

  2. Good luck in your tournament!!

  3. I was Kris all the way!