Finally Friday!!

Well not that I really care that it's Friday because my work week starts tomorrow!! Anyway, I want ya'll to meet my running partner for the day....


I decided that today was the day she was going to start running with me!! I went and did a mile by myself because I didn't want to start her off for too long. I came back and got her and we did 1/2 a mile, then walked for a bit, then did another 1/2 mile and walked the rest of the way! So my baby ran a whole mile and walked another 1.6 miles!! And it wasn't cool today!! It was hot and sunny!! But I am proud of her. This is her after our run.

She has been passed out for the majority of the day!! But she seemed to really enjoy our run! She was going so fast the first 1/2 mile and was dragging a bit the 2nd 1/2 mile but she made it! I am going to try to take her on at least one run with me every week and slowly increase her mileage. I won't ever bring her too far because she is a smaller dog but I think she could do just fine for 3 miles once properly conditioned!! I'm surprised too at how much less she tried to sniff during our running parts!! She is such a good girl:) I also did some ab work after our run!

TSL week 2 update!! So the 2nd week of the TSL challenge is finished. Here are my points:

Thursday: 3 points for all meals at home
1 point for making my own coffee
1 point for carpooling to work and back
1 point for bringing my reusable water bottle to work
Friday: 3 points for all meals at home( I am assuming we are having dinner at home but if not I will deduct it from tomorrow's points)
1 point for making my own coffee
1 point for showering with the lights off
So the total for this week is 35 points!! That's so much better than last week's measly 20 points! Yay!! Anyone have any fun plans for tonight? Not sure what I will be doing yet!!

PS: Lauren Kelly- I sent out your Shred DVD today! Sorry it took all week but it should be to you shortly!! :)


  1. Sadie looks BEAT!

  2. The pic of Sadie after her workout is hilarious!!

  3. Cute pup. That's what I look like after I run too ;)

  4. Your dog is adorable!
    On a totally different note, I just found your blog and I love your background- awesome colors and design :)

  5. That picture of her conked out after the run is hilarious!!!!

    Can't wait to get the shred :)