Another quick update!

One more quick update before I turn in for the night! I added 1 more point to today's total for TSL challenge for doing my own manicure and pedicure!! What do ya'll think??

Hot pink fingernails

Coral colored toenails!! I think I did a pretty good job!

So that's 14 points total for the weekend! Unfortunately I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night and eating out is negative 5 points:( Guess I will just have to make those up!!

I also wanted to show ya'll the yummy coffee I got at Fresh Market today. It's called Spring Blend and is a mix of butterscotch and caramel flavor! Sounds delicious!! I saw this on Kath's blog and had to try it!!

Gotta finish reading all ya'lls blogs and get to bed since I have a 4am wake up time! Goodnight!


  1. Girl, the fingers and toes look beautimus!!!!! :) Can you do mine next?? :) haha!

  2. I love the colors you picked for you fingers and toes! It looks great for spring!