Locked Out!

TGIF! I know many of you have fun plans for this holiday weekend, but not me. I have the biggest test of my life thus far coming up on Tuesday so I will be a shut in this weekend doing nothing but studying! Ok, well maybe a few other things as I procrastinate studying! Haha.

I had a nice 4.8 mile run yesterday morning. I did 4.8 to balance out Monday’s 4.2 miles. Yes, I am that crazy runner girl who must have even mileage! Ha! My legs actually felt very tired on this run, which is odd since I didn’t run the day before. Maybe swimming really fatigued them?! But anyway, the run was rather uneventful. I changed up my normal running route a bit so that was nice. I’m starting to get really bored with running the same routes over and over. It’s definitely time to mix it up! So here’s my stats:

4.8 miles in 48:20

Mile 1: 10:17

Mile 2: 9:59

Mile 3: 10:03

Mile 4: 10:01

Mile 4.8: 8:01 (10:04 pace)

Avg Pace: 10:05

Overall I was happy with this run. I wish I could have been a tad bit faster to get my avg pace under 10:00 but there’s always next time right?! I was only planning on doing 6 miles as my long run again this week but I think I may step it up to 7 miles and start increasing my mileage a bit faster than I had planned. I am still considering doing the Bass Pro Half in November, so starting to increase my long runs a bit faster would ensure that I would be ready for it!

I didn’t do anything today. I was supposed to bike but was totally not feeling it so I just didn’t do it. I need to get a spare tire kit for my bike and until I do that, I’m a little nervous to go out on longer rides! I’ve already got a flat tire once when I was a long way from home! Not fun! So I used that as an excuse to skip my bike today… Must get a spare tire kit!

I did manage to lock myself and Sadie out of the house today though! Somehow when I was taking her for a walk, I forgot to bring my key with me and locked the door. I don’t know where my brain was, well actually I do, it’s overloaded with anesthesia drug knowledge! So we had to sit and wait for my mom to bring us a spare house key to get in! I was so mad! Luckily my mom was at home and only lives about 30 minutes away, but I was still so mad at myself for doing that!

Well friends, that’s about it for now! Don’t forget to check out my donation page and donate to my St. Jude Hero fund! A big thanks to Gayle and Tom and Nicole for donating!!


  1. Haha, I am the SAMe way with my mileage being an equal number. It's kind of weird, but I have to get to an equal number or else I feel so odd about it all.

    I have such a fear of locking myself out. Even though my BF lives a mile away and has a spare key, I know I'm bound to do it one day.

    GOod luck on the test!