Lots of exercise!!

After I took Sadie for a walk and tried a little to run, which hurt too bad to even think about continuing on, I decided to try out the exercise TV programs that I've heard about. I am completely in awe how awesome this on demand Exercise TV thing is! It is free and has all kind of cool workouts including THE SHRED, for free!! Wohoo! Especially since I cancelled my Netflix last week and had to send my copy of The Shred back! Anyway, I decided to try Jillians No More Trouble Zones. It's a 60 min workout and is even harder than The Shred! I only made it halfway through! Haha, I was dying!! I tried to run again and my ankle was feeling much better but my legs were so weak and jello-y feeling that I could barely keep one foot in front of the other! Note to self: Do not attempt to run AFTER doing a Jillian video!! So I took Sadie for another walk and decided to walk on my treadmill while I did some reading for school. I walked 40 mins at 3.0mph alternating between 2.0-6.o incline. I did it again later in the evening and did the same for 20 mins. So all in all I feel really good about all the exercise I got in today even if I wasn't able to get a run in. I am planning to get up at 4am and run before work tomorrow!!

I had some really good eats today and wanted to share. Here's what I had for lunch:

I made a quesidilla with left over veggies and cheese on a flatout wrap with light sour cream and hot sauce to dip. And I had a pear on the side. Very yummy!!

I decided to make a Green Monster smoothie for snack this afternoon:

It included: a banana, 1/2 cup nonfat milk, 1 scoop mango protein powder, handful spinach, ice. I was kind of unsure about the mango protein powder but it was really good! Kind of a tropical feel! I shared half of this with Al:)
And here is what I had for dinner:

I made brown rice with sauteed onions and garlic, peas, and baked tofu. I marinated the tofu in EVOO, worchesire sauce, garlic, cayenne pepper, and honey. It was VERY good!! I also made oven baked sweet potato fries. I am addicted to these. And had a yummy glass of wine. Perfect dinner!!

I hope tomorrow will be as good of a day as today was!


  1. Mmm, a very yummy day of food. I always want to try tofu, but I don't have any idea how to cook it.

  2. Ha! It's funny that u mention not attempting to run after doing a Jillian Micheals workout, that is EXACTLY how I pulled muscles in both my legs! I had ran 8 miles then came home and did a segment of Shred..never again!

    60 minutes of Jillian? Oh lordy, I don't see how you do it! I can handle her for 20 minutes then I'm done, she's pretty intense!

  3. I can't believe you didn't know about all the free goods on Excercise TV. I love it. I never buy any of the DVD's anymore cuz they always have good ones on there. Hope they never take Jillians ones away though or I will be sad.

  4. I always hear about Exercise TV on demand... I'm going to have to try it tonight!

  5. I LOVE baked sweet potato fries! One of my favorite sides for dinner...especially with a little chili powder!

  6. I miss the on demand Exercise TV...it let me try out the shred and yoga and pilates and the "playboy bunny" workouts. Something I would more than likely be ashamed to buy in a store. haha.