Sunday Morning!

Happy Sunday to everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Weekend!! Unfortunately it's raining here this morning:( But it's just a light drizzle so far but forecast says rain on and off today. Oh well, guess it doesn't matter too much to me since we don't have a boat to go out on at the moment! My pup let me sleep in until 9am this morning! This is unheard of in our house! She's usually up at 5:30, eats and goes outside and then we go back to bed. But here at the lake house, I let her sleep in my bed so she lets me sleep in! Haha a fair trade in my opinion!! Although she totally hogs the bed and squeezes on me all night!!

Even though it was raining, I decided to head out for a short run this morning because I can't get enough of the hills! Haha, weird I know. It's just fun to run in a different location. I just did 2 miles on the hills at a 10:29 pace. I really picked it up the last 1/2 mile and it felt GREAT!! My IPOD died halfway through my run which sucked but oh well. I just hate listening to my self huff and puff up those hills! I got back and did some ab exercises, lunges, and squats before my mom made us a yummy breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs, and fruit! YUM! Love some breakfast!!

I love coming here especially for my grandma's cooking! I have eaten so much this weekend! But I have been really active too so I;m not worried about it one bit! Not sure what else I'm going to do today. Would love to go to the apple farm so I might do that. I have a book I'm supposed to read before I start school. I think it's called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Not interesting so far but I'm trying to get through it as fast as I can!! Hope everyone else has fun plans for the day!


  1. Glad you're having fun despite the rain!