Another GREAT Long Run!!

I am just so happy about my long run progress!! I woke up around 6:30 am and had 1/2 of a Banana Nut Bread Cliff Bar for my pre run fuel (really good flavor by the way!!) It was still mostly dark out and gloomy so I decided to go back to bed for a little bit. Well, I didn’t wake up until about 8 am and I knew I had to get up and run. I was really procrastinating this run because I just didn’t feel like doing it! I think the gloomy weather was really throwing me off!! So, I finally got up and motivated and got to the park where I do my long runs a little after 9 am. Luckily, we are still having some great temps here so it was only 63 degrees! The first couple miles were tough, I just didn’t really feel into this run. I felt like I was working hard but Garmie kept telling me I was going super slow :(  So,  I decided to not look at Garmie anymore and just run! And that was smart!! After the 3rd mile my run felt great! I felt strong and happy that I was out running! I saw a lot of familiar faces, and by that I mean that I see the same people running/walking every week when I do my long runs! Ha! I am so happy I decided to do this run today, it was PERFECT! So here’s my stats:


Time: 1:30:14

Mile 1: 10:47

Mile 2: 10:15

Mile 3: 10:09

Mile 4: 10:05

Mile 5: 9:49

Mile 6: 9:52

Mile 7: 10:07

Mile 8: 9:49

Mile 9: 9:19

Avg Pace: 10:02!!!


Holy cow ya’ll!! I can’t believe my average pace was 10:02 for 9 miles!! Last week it was 10:25 for 9 miles and that was a huge improvement from the week before!! I just keep surprising myself! This is what makes me totally LOVE running!!


Saturday is my first 5k of the season! Yay! I’m so excited!! I am one who doesn’t like to run 5k’s with anything in my stomach, anyone else like that?? I notice most of ya’ll out in the blog world do eat a pre race meal but not me! I would hurl :) Ha!


Has anyone tried Pirate’s Booty?? (Sorry the pic is so small)


pirates booty


I saw it recently on Allison’s blog and thought it looked super yummy!! So I bought some at Kroger the other day and finally tried it today! It was SO GOOD!! I tried the Aged Cheddar flavor (that’s all they carry at my Kroger). It’s like a mix between popcorn and cheese puffs!! I recommend ya’ll all go out and try it! It’s a wonderful snack!!


Well, that’s all for tonight. I am excited for The Biggest Loser to come on!!


  1. Fabulous job on the run sister :) YAY FOR PIRATE BOOTY!!! so glad you liked it!

  2. Great long run!! Sometimes you gotta just forget about the numbers.

    Good luck. I love 5k's. I want to do one soon!