Ok, so here’s the dress post! Sorry I’ve been mean and made ya’ll wait but it’s worth it :) I’m going to start by saying I absolutely am IN LOVE with my dress!! I was getting worried I wouldn’t find one I really LOVED but luckily Low’s Bridal in Arkansas came to the rescue!! My mom and I went last Friday and just had a GREAT time. It was a very different experience than the other bridal shops we went to. It was actually an EXPERIANCE vs just shopping if that makes any sense at all!! The store is located in this cute little podunk town and I would probably say this bridal store is the main attraction!! Here’s what it looks like:




Apparently this was an old hotel that was converted into the bridal store and it is beautiful inside!! After we found and purchased my dress, my mom and I went and ate at this little cafe that had really good soups and sandwiches!! I got chili and half a chicken salad sandwich! YUM!!


So, onto the dress!! The dress I purchased is by Allure Bridal and I am in love!! Luckily, they let me take a bunch of pics of me in the dress after I bought it, so I would have something to show ya’ll!! And don’t worry, my fiancé doesn’t read my blog so he won’t see these :)


wedding dress1


I wanted lace all along and ended up getting it! I was also super happy to NOT have a strapless gown! When your boobs aren’t that big, it’s hard to hold up a strapless gown! Plus, this is much more comfortable than any of the strapless gowns I tried on :)


wedding dress 4


I think the back is my favorite part!! Notice the lovely sports bra tan… guess I will have to work on that next spring/ summer!! I just LOVE low backs and the button detail. Not sure if ya’ll can tell, but the buttons go all the way down the dress to the floor!


wedding dress 5


Sorry about the butt close-up but it’s the best way to see all the detail!!


wedding dress 6


I am not a “beading” fan but I love the small amount there is on my dress! Gotta have a little bling :)


wedding dress 9


I completely fell in love with this headband when I tried it on and told my mom “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!” Luckily she agreed and it was still within our budget for the headband and dress!! I think it just matches perfectly with the detail on my dress!!


So, what do ya’ll think?? All I can say is that I am in love with it!! It’s so true when they say that you just know when you have found the right dress!! I definitely knew!!


I hope ya’ll enjoyed the picture fashion show of my wedding dress!! Let me know what you think!!


  1. The dress is beautiful, and you look gorgeous in it!
    And I love the headband too!

  2. so pretty!

  3. it is perfect! its soo soo pretty!!!!

  4. It is so pretty and I love the headband!

  5. NIKKIIIIIIIIIII! That is BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!! You look like you belong in a bridal magazine! You are going to be the most gorgeous bride ever!

  6. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! Perfection! Low's is the best!

  7. It is so gorgeous! I love it. Lace is my absolute favorite and it's nice to see a pretty dress that's not strapless. You look beautiful!

  8. You look stunning! I love the back and it's details! Excellent choice girl!!

  9. Just beautiful. Love the straps on the back and the bead work around the waist. Gorgeous!!!

  10. I LOVE it! And I've heard of that store before... I'll have to remember to check it out when my day comes.

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  12. Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! I love the's a sophisticated sexy!

  13. What can I say?! It's stunning!! I love it. It's perfect!

  14. Gahhhh! I LOVE IT!!! You look amazing in it and I'm loving the lace and everything, your fiance is definitely going to like your choice!!!

  15. INSANELY gorgeous dress!!!! I went with my best friend Mary Kathrine to pick out her dress at Lows. Such an awesome place and worth the drive. Glad everything is working out for you!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing dress! It looks so beautiful on you!!!!

  17. I love it!! The lace is gorgeous. Very beachy.

  18. Ok so I was all ready to post on your bad long run...then I saw your dress and had to say GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!!!

    What beach are you getting married at? I just moved to Miami and I'm slowly exploring all the beaches.

  19. Your dress is just lovely! I love the detail on the bodice. I wore an Allure also. : ) Here are some pics I put up on the old blog a while back.

  20. I'm so bad about commenting, sorry! The dress is so pretty! You look great!