Catch Up!!

Hey friends!! I’ve had a SUPER busy weekend and have been playing catch up all day!! I had a blast in Nashville and was totally exhausted when I got home Saturday night due to only sleeping 2 hours Friday! And this was due to staying out way too late dancing the night away at The Stage in downtown Nashville with all my school friends! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time and was definitely worth only getting 2 hours of sleep!!


I found out that Vera Bradley was having a big sale this past weekend in Memphis so I decided I would check it out since I love Vera Bradley!! And to my surprise, my favorite pattern, Puccini, is being retired so everything was 40% off! Yay! I bought myself a new purse!!


vera purse


Cute right?!? I made the strap long so I wear it across my body. It’s nice and big without being huge so it’s perfect! Plus it was 40% off!!


I didn’t run Saturday or Sunday and my body really enjoyed the time off!! Today I did my long run. I did another 10 miler and it was easier this time but still a little tough! I made it though! I ran it in 1:44:xx which is a 10:28 min/mile pace! That is 22 secs per mile faster than last week so I am super happy about this run!! The weather was awesome! About 50 degrees and sunny! Great running weather!! My tummy was a little messed up for a few hours but don’t worry, I definitely have my appetite back now!!


I have a fun week this week and I am so excited! My BFF Jaime is coming to visit Wednesday and my mom and I are going to this HUGE wedding dress store in Arkansas on Friday to do some dress shopping and HOPEFULLY find my dress! So I am pumped! Just have to get through my last Chemistry test on Wednesday morning!!


I am glad some of my classes are winding down. I had my pharmacology final last Thursday and made a 98 in the class! My first A in Anesthesia School! And then Wednesday is my last Chemistry exam so I am so happy about that! I am making it through grad school! Ha :)


Well, I think that’s enough for now! Hope ya’ll have a GREAT day!


  1. Love your new bag! Very cute! Glad you had a great weekend, and congrats on your A!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And congrats on the fast run!!

  3. So glad you had a GREAT time over the weekend in Nashville. Have you ever been to Wildhorse Saloon in Downtown? That’s another fun place!!! Congrats on the A. Good luck on the Chem test!!

  4. Love that purse! I really like big ones that you can wear across your chest.

    YAY for wedding dress shopping! Hope you find "the one"!

  5. Yay! That's a great grade!! Have fun dress shopping :) Oh and glad you had fun with your old friends, dancing the night away sounds like a blast!

  6. Glad you had a blast! Love the fall purse!