Uh Oh…

Happy October!! Can’t believe it’s already here!! October just screams fall and I am so excited for it! Plus I have a few fun races planned this month :)


On to the “uh oh” part of this post… I think I have developed a slight case of the plantar fasciitis :(  My right heel has been sore for a few days and I thought I just did something to bruise it. However, I noticed it is mostly sore in the mornings when I get out of bed and is fine while running and throughout the day. So after doing some thinking and research, it seems like plantar fasciitis may be the culprit. Now, it’s not bad by any means, hasn’t kept me from running on it yet, but has gotten me a little worried! I don’t think it’s from my shoes because I have been running in these for about 7 weeks now and have had no issues until now. I think the main cause is running hills and increasing mileage, of which I don’t plan on changing unless this gets worse! Haha:) Also, calf tightness can cause this and guess who has the worst calf tightness ever?? Me, always. Not a day goes by without calf tightness. So, I am icing a few times a day, stretching my calves and foot, and working it out/ massaging my foot/heel with a tennis ball. It doesn’t even hurt enough for me to want to take ibuprofen yet ,so honestly I don’t think it’s that bad! But then again, I don’t want it to get worse. Anyone ever had this injury before?? Insight would be wonderful:)


Onto my run today (told you this wasn’t going to stop me from running! ha)… I did some speed work on my treadmill.


6X800 with 2 min recovery for a total of 5 miles


My heel/ foot felt a little sore the first 1/2 mile but after that, no pain at all. These intervals got a little tough towards the end but I pushed hard and got through! I also took Sadie for a nice little walk in the beautiful fall weather afterwards!!


I am so looking forward to fall and everything Pumpkin!! I also am looking forward to some leftover chili for lunch today! Wohoo! Love that stuff!!


And this afternoon is the dreaded presentation. I am planning on practicing it multiple times before I go so I feel totally prepared. I am just so ready to have it over with!! At least I have something to look forward to tonight! BUNCO! And it’s Italian themed so that glass of wine will be much needed when I get there:)


Also a plus, is that my class tomorrow got cancelled! So a day off! Yes! Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful fall October 1st!!


  1. Goof luck on the presentation! You will do great!

  2. 1. I'm with you that pumpkin is amazing.
    2. You'll be great at your presentation!
    3. You may want to look into an insole (with a stiff arch) for your PF. It's something that goes away slowly, so any ounce of prevention that you can put in now will help in the future, and a stiff arch support helps to keep the arch from over stretching, which is causing the PF pain. (that's what I've learned at the running store in the last few weeks!)

  3. I know your presentation went great!! Don't worry. Just remember that those guys want to hear what you have to say. Be confident!

  4. I had the same foot issues. Ice ice ice. (Rest too, but I didn't really do that. :o)