Stupid Foot!

Ugh, my foot that has been plagued with what I think is plantar fasciitis is still bothering me! I have been trying to be good about icing and stretching my calf out but it still hurts. The problem is, it DOESN’T hurt while running so I am continuing to run! It hurts mostly when I get up in the morning and when I’ve been sitting for a while. Anyway, I think I’ve decided it is my shoes :( Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of funds right now so I really don’t want to buy new shows yet since I just bought these a couple months ago. I just now figured out that I do overpronate and the shoes I have are for neutral runners. So, that’s probably most of the problem. After some research, I decided to buy some arch supports specifically for plantar fasciitis and I am hoping these will help so I don’t have to buy new shoes… Guess we will see! I ran with the arch supports today and they felt fine! Does anyone have any suggestions or some shoes they like for overpronaters?? I’m usually a Mizuno or Asics kinda girl!


Anyway, I did have a good run today!! I didn’t get to run until this afternoon because I was in class all day, so I decided to run on the treadmill and catch up on some shows on my DVR. I did my favorite Fartleck run, 5-4-3-2-1 for a total of 5 miles. My foot felt fine during the run and I made sure to ice it a couple times tonight. I’m just hoping I don’t make it worse for my 5k Saturday morning by continuing to run on it. I am planning on running tomorrow and taking Friday off so I hope that will be ok. I have a big issue with missing my training. I just feel so guilty, even if I’m taking off for injury prevention! My brain tells me not to run and to rest by my heart says keep running! Haha! I would love any advice ya’ll have on this specific issue or just on injuries in general!! Hope ya’ll have a good night!!


  1. I hope the arch supports work - I've heard PF is NOT fun, so I hope your foot starts feeling better soon. Have an awesome race on Saturday!!

    Tell me more about your fartlek workout - I'm interested and always love new workout ideas!!!

  2. Hopfully the support works. I'm not very good about what types of shoes work for what types of feet. My recommendation is to go to a running store and have the professionals that work there tell you what you need. For as much time as we spend running I find it's best to just spend the money on the shoes.

    Good luck with the inserts. I hope they do the trick!