Running Poll

I have been really busy today studying for my Chemistry test tomorrow!! And I feel so tired… not sure why! I tried to take a nap and that just made me feel even more tired :( I skipped my run this morning because I was so tired and couldn’t get up before I had to go to my review class. And I have just been dragging this afternoon. Needless to say I think I am skipping my run altogether today :( I always feel so guilty doing that! My legs are appreciating it though because they are tired and sore from the 10 miler yesterday!!


Onto the running poll…

How many days a week do you run and why??


I have been running 5 days a week for this half marathon training but last week I only did 4 and I think my body LOVED it! So it’s making me question this 5 day a week running! I was just really amazed at how fresh my legs felt this week after more days off! So I was trying to get some insight! Have a great rest of the day! Off to finish studying:)


  1. Good question!
    Generally, I have 3 runs a week 'scheduled' and then I add in another 1-3 days of easy running / recovery run / walk. For right now I've found that my legs can really only take 3 days of hard effort but that everything is a lot looser and stronger when I add in a few easy miles during the week as well.

    Hope you can get some energy back!

  2. Your probably exausted from school. I am the same way right now. Midterms means half way done, yet so far away. Ugh.

    I run 4 and one of those is short and sweeet (and slow). I think I ran 5 days one week and I didn't like it.

  3. When you feel that exhausted it's wise to take time off. It's your body telling you to slow down.

    I run four days a week, although my training plan calls for five. I felt five was too much and didn't want to reinjure myself from overtraining so four days a week it is.

  4. Pray you do well on your test today!!!!

  5. Usually 3, maybe 4. I don't do the distance that you do though, so its probably different. We should walk soon!

  6. I run about 3x a week, cos that's all I have time for!

  7. I run 6x a week, and I do it because I love it. :o)