Double Digits!!

That’s right! I ran 10 miles today! Wohoo!! It has been years since I’ve run double digits! I am just ecstatic :)


The run itself was tough. Not really sure why. My 9 miler last week was great but this week I struggled from the very beginning. Maybe I was dehydrated but I can’t think of anything I did differently than last week! Guess it just was one of those tough run days! Oh well, I made it through! I did have a side stitch from mile 4 on that was super annoying to deal with. I hate those!!


I ran 10 miles in 1:48:22, a 10:50 pace. For as tough as it felt, I thought I was going A LOT slower than a 10:50 pace, so I am happy with that! Hopefully next week it will be a little easier :)


My tummy did not feel very good after my run today so I haven’t really been that hungry. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow! I did feel super weak after my run, nauseous and lightheaded. I think I may need to add a sports drink or something instead of just some sips of water to my long runs. I might try that out next week.


Other than that, I have been studying and doing school work ALL DAY! I am finally finished for the day and enjoying The Biggest Loser. I heated up some Chicken Chili that I had frozen and it was so yummy!! I might treat myself to some ice cream for dessert! I think I deserve it! Haha! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I wish it would stop raining here but I think it’s gonna be around for most of the week :(


Oh yea… so it ends up I got 3rd in my age group at the 5k on Saturday! Guess I should have stayed for the awards ceremony!!


  1. Great job!! I would be excited to be in double digits too :) And I too, am currently enjoying some Biggest Loser action...booo for rainy weather!

    Oh and don't you just loathe that backstabbing purpleshirted girl on BL?!

  2. Hi there. I discovered your blog tonight while blog surfing. I'm planning on running a few 10ks this year and am finally starting to see some improvement in my running. So exciting when that happens. I'm adding you to my reader. Looking forward to following your progress.

  3. GREAT JOB on reaching double digits!! What a feeling!

  4. Nice job girl!

  5. That is soooooo awesome girl!!! :)

  6. Congrats girl!

  7. CONGRATS on the 10 miler!! That's great!!

  8. Way to go!!! Keep at it!