Recovery Run and Some Wedding Dress Fun!!

Today I had a 5 mile recovery run and it went ok. My legs felt really tired. I don’t think I have fully recovered from that 10 miler yet! I felt like I was working pretty hard and just not going that fast! Oh well, guess that’s what recovery runs are supposed to feel like! Hence the word RECOVERY :) I did 5 miles in 51:31 which is a 10:18 min/ mile pace. Good for a recovery run I suppose.


Onto the Wedding Dress fun!! So I am still currently hunting for a wedding dress. Well actually, I haven’t really been shopping again since the last time but I am addicted to Say Yes To The Dress on TLC and have been scouring wedding magazines!! I have an appointment next Friday to got to Low’s Bridal in Arkansas! It’s this HUGE bridal salon with TONS of dresses! I have heard great things about it, which is why we are making the trip down there! I am SUPER excited and am hoping I find “my dress” there! So a couple weekends ago, my mom and I decided to get her wedding dress down from the attic so I could try it on! It is beautiful! I had some awesome ideas on how I was going to wear her dress and make it my own (cut the sleeves off, make it backless, etc) until we realized it is pretty yellow looking and there are a lot of stains on it that the cleaners apparently missed when they cleaned and preserved it for her. Too bad, that could have been such a fun idea! Anyway, I loved trying it on and was SUPER surprised it actually fit! My mom was tiny when she got married!! Here are some pics:




Perfect fit!!







I absolutely love how light weight it was and the accordion like style!! It was so comfortable too! Now, if only I can find a comfortable dress that isn’t strapless!! Do ya’ll know how many strapless dresses there are out there?? A million! Everything is strapless! And while I’m not against strapless by any means, I just think dresses with straps tend to be more comfortable! That being said, I may end up getting a strapless gown! I’m not ruling anything out! Just wanted to share some fun pictures!!


What kind of wedding dress did you have or would you like to have??


  1. I love Say Yes to the Dress!!

    My dress was strapless. Some good pics are here :

    But it was definitely uncomfortable. Did it make me look skinny and great? YES! But it wans't comfy at all.

  2. Well I've been married 17 years but my dress was long sleeve (was married in Nov) with a sweetheart neckline, straight all the way down (don't know what you call that) and with a detachable train. I loved it and would pick it out again. Nice job on the recovery run btw.

  3. Awww :) I like the train behind the dress! I have never seen that show! Oh hmmmm, I've never really thought of what I want my wedding dress to look like. I spend to much time coming up with how I think my boyfriend will propose LOLOLOL but don't tell him that, haha ;)

  4. I sooooooo loved those pictures of you in your Mom's wedding dress. I'm sure that brought a tear to her eye seeing you in it!!