Half Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Hey guys! Hope ya’ll had a good weekend! I am feeling a lot better today although still not 100%. It is freezing here today and has been raining all day too. Yuck. Hope it gets nicer for the rest of the week. Anyway, here is my training recap for this week:


Monday: strength training

Tuesday: 9 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 5 miles; 6X800 with 2 min recovery

Friday: strength training

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 5 miles; Fartleck run 5-4-3-2-1

Total: 27 miles


So glad I got all my runs in this week, even though I haven’t been feeling so hot!! Today’s run was done on the treadmill because of the rain. And I had to make it fun so I decided to do a Fartleck run. It was a good run overall. It’s amazing how much better my allergies are when I’m running, it’s like everything just clears up!!


Well, I have a long day at school tomorrow so I’m going to bed! Goodnight!!


  1. Your week just exhausts me, but I'm so impressed! I hope the weather is good this week as well, but I just saw a lot of rain in the forecast (yuck!).

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. That is a great schedule. Does not sound too awful. I should try it! xoxo


  3. I can only imagine what you consider "freezing". :o)

  4. Wow - looks like an awesome week of workouts girl. How did the honeymoon vouchers work out?

  5. Unfortunately, it looks like we're in for some more storms today! BOO! Ha!