Ankle Rehab and shopping!

Since my ankle/leg didn't do so well running last week, I decided to ask the opinion of my running buddy on what I should do. I always go to her with running questions because she is basically a pro, and by that I mean ran competitively in college! So anyway, she told me that I SHOULD NOT be running yet and that I need to rehab my ankle first. I thought that might be a pretty good idea, so I started on that this week. I have been doing a lot of stretching and different exercises with resistance bands to build my muscles back up. I was also instructed by said friend to walk on my treadmill on an incline. So I have been doing all this hoping it will be better and I will be able to run again in a week or two. However, I WILL be playing my soccer game tomorrow night! No question about that! I am SO excited!! So hopefully that will go ok. I am being forced by a teammate to wear my brace so I don't roll my ankle again. Good idea, I'm thinking!

In other news, the bathing suit I ordered from Gap last week arrived today and was too big. Didn't really like it all that much once I saw it in person, so I think I will just return it. I am just now getting into the whole online shopping thing (and am VERY addicted!) so I was a little unsure about what size to get for my bathing suit. Guess I know now! So I decided to order another one, because I need a new swimsuit for a possible girls Florida trip in April! I found it on JCrew on sale! WOHOO! Here it is:

What do ya'll think?? I have always been hesitant to wear yellow since my hair is blonde, but am getting over that! I love this bathing suit:) Hope this one fits!
I went with McKenleigh to Bennihana for lunch today and ate a bunch of sushi! YUM! So good. If any of ya'll Memphians haven't been there since it reopened, it is so much nicer than before! And the food was just as yummy as it always was!
Tonight I am making tacos for dinner! I can't wait, I LOVE tacos! The Lemon Chicken with Green Beans and New Potatoes that I made last night was delicious! Will definitely make it again! Click here for the recipe. Hope everyone is having a GREAT Tuesday!!


  1. That's SUCH a cute bathing suit! You can never go wrong with J. Crew :)

  2. My hair is blonde and I wear yellow in the spring and summer. I say go for it! You'll look great in that swimsuit!!

  3. i love the bathing suit.. I can not believe you are already buying swimsuits. Rest that ankle and rehab it so it will heal correctly.

  4. Love that suit- I hope you got it! I have been looking for a bandeau top for this year as well. As long as it doesn't make me look flatter than I already am! :)