Lots to talk about!

I have a lot to write about today! First off, I am SO excited that I won a giveaway from Kristens Palace! So exciting because I never win anything:) I won $10 gift cards to Starbucks, Kohls, and Victoria Secret! Awesome right??

I want ya'll to check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA I absolutely LOVE the band Lifehouse and didn't realize they were a Christian band! Yay for that! This had me almost in tears! God's love for us is amazing!!

So I have a funny story that happened to me today. I decided today was going to be a major cleaning day and decided to tackle my master bathroom first. Well it took me forever because I cleaned it spotless and organized everything in my cabinets and drawers. I feel really good about that! It's so organized! Then, after I scrubbed down my jacuzzi tub, I decided to fill it up and let the jets run for awhile. I was told to do this every so often by my inspector when I bought the house, especially if you don't use it for awhile. So it gets full enough and I turn the jets on. I go into the kitchen to put out the ingredients for the cake I am gonna make and I hear this really weird sound. Kind of a SWOOSH, SWOOSH sound. I step into my bedroom and water is being shot all the way out of my bathroom, all over my room! On my hardwood floors, my bed, my doors, the walls, EVERYTHING!! I run (carefully so I don't slip!) into my bathroom and the jets are shooting water all around. Well, I have to get to the button to turn it off, so I jump through the streaming shots of water and finally hit the button. I was soaked! Apparently, the stopper in the drain wasn't tight enough so as water emptied from the tub and got below the level of the jets, the jets started shooting! Ha! Wish someone was there with me because it was just SO funny! I was literally laughing out loud! Luckily I wiped up the water on my wood floors fast so there wouldn't be any damage and got everything cleaned up, but what a story to tell! Ha!

I got a wonderful cake recipe out of the most recent Southern Living and decided to try it out today(I'm taking it to work with me tomorrow so I won't eat it all myself!). It has vanilla and chocolate cake mix directions and all different types of buttercream frosting to make! I decided to make a chocolate cake with Caramel-Butterscotch Buttercream Frosting! YUM! I will post pics and the recipe after I'm finished!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!


  1. that is awesome about you winning!!! exciting too!!!
    your jacuzzi story did make me laugh ! It weird how they can do that though. That cake sounds to die for! Will be looking for the recipe!!!

  2. okay your tub story is so funny...that is somehting that would happen to me. You should have taken pictures...of course I know you had more on your mind than taking pics as water is soaking you house! ha! :)

  3. i'm excited you won too!

  4. the cake looks great, but the tub story is the best... you and McKenleigh really are BFFs! ha ha ;-)

  5. Congrats on winning...lol, i bet that was a sight to see.