Lazy Monday

Nothing too exciting has gone on today. I had the day off so I spent most of the day catching up on my TiVo list. The newest show that I'm addicted to is Damages on FX thanks to McKenleigh! Does anyone else watch that show? This is only the 2nd season so it was really easy to catch up on. Be careful if you start though because you won't want to stop!! I also took Sadie on a walk, the first since I hurt my ankle and she was ecstatic! For those of you who don't know, I tore a bunch of ligaments in my left ankle playing soccer in December and since then was in a boot for 2 weeks and a cast for 3 weeks. I just got my cast off last Thursday before I went to St. Louis and its now to the point where I can actually go on a walk. We couldn't go very far because it started to get sore but one loop around the neighborhood was fine. I can't wait until I can start running again. This has been killing me not to run!! My Dr. told me another 2 weeks or so and then I can start back. The thing thats not gonna be fun is starting over. I had a nice base mileage built and was planning to run the Nashville Half Marathon in April but now that idea is out the window. I probably can't even run one mile at this point! But as long as I can run again, I will be happy!! I can also play soccer in the spring too which I am so excited for! So anyway, after our walk I decided Sadie needed a bath. She hates baths and looks pathetic the whole time and then goes crazy and runs circles around the house afterwords. Here are some pics right after her laps around the house.

Isn't she cute?? She is still fluffy from the bath!! Al also had the day off so he came over and did some stuff around the house for me, installed a new shower head and fixed a broken knob on the toilet. No big plans for tonight, I'm cooking Poppyseed Chicken, a recipe I got from . It looks awesome. I will let ya'll know how it turns out! Of course, being the baker I am, I also made us brownies for dessert!! I have such a sweet tooth and love to bake!! Not sure what we will watch tonight. We have a few movies from Netflix that could be possibilities or if I can talk Al into it I would love to watch the Bachelor! I really like Melissa the Dallas cheerleader and Molly. They are both so cute! Well that's all for today:)


  1. Hey gal... have not watched that show (but I do not watch much tv)... but the doggie--- is great. SHE is beautiful.... love the blue eyes.

    I think Shelley is running in the Nashville 1/2 marathon too. You may be out of this one, but you can get into another.

    Thanks for being you ... you are a special one.!

  2. Sadie looks precious is those pictures, but she alawys looks too cute! I am really glad to hear that you got your cast off and I know you are itching to run. Maybe I could start running with you... Especially now that I will be on weekends too!!!

  3. Your pup is super cute. Welcome to blogging!