Busy busy!

*Warning: I am talking about 2 movies in this post, "He's Just Not That Into You" and "New in Town", and may spoil the movies if you haven't seen them already*

I've been pretty busy catching up with friends the past two days. Yesterday I did lunch, dinner, and a movie and today I did breakfast, lunch and a movie! I am worn out! No wonder I never get anything done on my days off! I am always running around:) So last night I saw "He's Just Not That Into You". It was really cute! Definately a must see for every girl! Now, pretty much every girl is summed up by one or more situations in the movie. My situation is most like Jennifer Anniston's character. Been together for 7 years ( Al and I are going on 7 years this July...) and not married. The only difference is her BF in the movie ( Ben Affleck) didn't EVER want to get married and believe me, since I bring this topic up all the time, Al wants to marry me:) So I have hope for myself because they do end up getting engaged! Yay!

The movie I saw today was called "New in Town" with Renee Zwellweger. It was really cute too. Typical love story with Harry Conick Jr. Of course she falls for him, who wouldn't? But I recommend this one too!!

Let's talk a little bit about the Bachelor. Last nights episode was good. I liked Jillian's and Molly's families but boy weren't Naomi's parents nuts?? No wonder he sent her home! I would be scared to have her mom, the dove buring reincarnationist, as my mother in-law!! And poor Melissa! How sad that her parents didn't want to be a part of it! She's my favorite!! I hope it doesn't hurt her in the end that he didn't get to meet her family. Can't wait to see what drama DeAnna stirs up next week. So are her and her snowboarding finacee from the last Bachelorette not together anymore? Who do ya'll think will be the final two? I'm hoping for Melissa and Molly!!