Food for Thought

One of my favorite things in life is food. I thought it would be fun to talk about 5 of my favorite foods! Let me know what ya'll think:)

1. I love sweets and have the biggest sweet tooth! I haven't met a dessert that I don't love! My newest indulgence is Reeses Whoppers.

My boyfriend introduced me to these the other night and I found a big box today at Walmart to replentish the stash with since I've almost eaten them all! Now, I'm not a very big fan of regular whoppers but these are amazing! If you have never had these before, definately try them:)

2. Pizza is one of my favorite things ever! I could eat pizza every night for weeks. Now, I'm a little strange in that I only like cheese pizza. Yep that's right, plain cheese pizza:) My favorite right now is the 4 cheese pizza from Old Venice. YUM!

3. Starbucks is a must for me and I alternate between a regular coffee with cream and a nonfat no water chai latte. I worked at Starbucks for like 3 years during high school and the beginning of college and could still probably rattle off the nutrition info on all the drinks! This is why I stick to these two drinks only. The coffee has minimal calories and the chai only has 140 cals. Definately do-able:) Let me know if ya'll need any nutrition info on your favorite beverage! Or then again maybe not, what you don't know can't hurt you! Ha:)4. I love fruit, any fruit, you name it I love it. My very favorites are blueberries and bananas. I try to eat some blueberries and a banana each day although this hasn't been happening much lately!

5. My favorite drink of all time is sweet tea! I could drink it all day long:) I think its funny when you go up north and they look at you like you are crazy when you order a sweet tea! How could anyone live without it? I always have a pitcher of sweet tea in my refridgerator. The recipe I use is to steep 2 family size lipton or luizianne tea bags in boiling water for 5 mins( I only make about half a pitcher full of boiling water to steep the tea bags in) The add 2/3cup sugar, stir, and add cold water to fill the pitcher. YUM-O!

I also wanted to share a recipe for Cherry Dump Cake that I made today! ( PS: I am a baker, I love to bake, and am good at it! I do cook too but my heart really belongs to baking so as I continue to post recipes, don't be surprised if the majority are desserts!) I got this recipe from it is delicious! Below are the ingredients.

Cherry Dump Cake

1 lrg can crushed pineapple

1 lrg can cherry pie filling

1 box golden butter or yellow cake mix

1 stick butter

1 cup crushed pecans

1/4 cup sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Ina lightly greased 9x13 baking dish, combine the cherry pie filling and pineapple(do not drain). Then sprinkle dry cake mix over top. Melt butter and pour over cake mix. Next sprinkle on pecans and then sugar, covering evenly. Bake 20 minutes, remove from oven, take a fork and poke holes in cake so juices can seep in. Place back in oven and cook another 20 minutes. Here is what the finished product looks like:

This picture is kinda funny looking because its turned but ya'll get the idea! I'm also making lasagna pizza cups tonight from I've made these before and they are very yummy! Food is so fun to talk about, its a wonder I'm not huge!

PS: Totally new subject, but I had to vent. I was very excited that Vera Bradley came out with new 17 inch laptop cases because my laptop was too long to fit into the old style. So I went and bought one today, and they are a little pricey, about $78, and when I got home and tried to put my laptop in it, it didn't fit! I guess my laptop is too wide! I'm so upset because I love it and now I have to go through the hassle of returning it. I have a Dell so its not like some wierd sized computer. Anyone have any laptop bag suggestions? I need one:) Please feel free to talk about your favorite foods! It's fun and I would love to read about them:)

Newbie question: How do you put a link to someone's blog so the name of the blog appears and not the whole web address?


  1. Thanks for the dinner and Grey's tonight. I, once again, am sorry about the psycho :). However, as soon as I got here, I saw that Harper made it safely home!!!! YAY!!!