Need to Vent

OK, I need to vent for a minute...So I decided to run again today. After about a mile, my left calf was hurting like crazy, like a huge charlie horse that won't go away so I had to stop. So now I'm really frustrated because this is the 3rd day that this has happened. And all of a sudden it dawns on me, I have like no muscle in that calf from being in a boot and cast for 2 months! No wonder it hurts! It's telling me I need to start off slower, which sucks because I was running 6 miles before I got hurt and just want to be back there. It also sucks because my right leg says "come on, keep going, I feel great!" So I have 2 legs telling me opposite things, ugh! And to top it all off, next Wednesday is my first soccer game since I got hurt and I am going to be totally out of shape! How depressing, but I'm still gonna play! So thanks for listening to my running frustrations!!

Moving on, I have a new food obsession! Bagels! Now, not just your store bought Sara Lee bagels, but fresh, made in the restaurant bagels. I have 2 places that I go for my cravings, Panera Bread and Memphis Bagel Company! The best is a wheat bagel with honey walnut cream cheese! YUM! Got that this morning for breakfast!

In other news, I had to take my car in for an oil change and to fix my brake light the was broken. FUN FUN. My dad told me today that my great grandmother died. Well this is very sad news and all but it would have been nice to know that I had a great grandmother! Had no idea the woman even existed! It's kind of a long story but my dad's dad was a VERY bad husband and father (think abusive) and my family hasn't talked to him since before I was born. So I never new anyone on that side of the family. Well that was his mom, so that's why I didn't know she existed. Sad story though:(

I do have a prayer request. My great Aunt Judy, has been having serious medical issues with her kidneys for over a year now. Long story short, she went in for a routine colonoscopy and the stuff they make you drink the night before put her into kidney failure. So she's been dealing with all the effects from that for a long time now. So I found out today they are suspecting she may have some type of kidney cancer and is having a PET scan today. So please pray for her and my family. She's been through so much already and I know my grandma(her sis) is extremely upset and worried because they are best friends. I would really appreciate if ya'll would pray for her!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!


  1. You crack me up about your great sorry about her death. Just like a dad to not tell ya you had one! Im so glad you are doing well...and I need some advice on running! I would love to be able to run half a mile.

    On another note..I will be sure to keep your great aunt and your family in my prayers!!!

  2. I said a prayer for your aunt, your family, and for you. I may be missing out but I have never had a bagel with anything but a piece of melted cheese!

  3. Sorry to hear about your aunt, I'll keep her in my prayers :)