Intro and Girls Weekend in St. Louis!

I decided to start a blog because I like to share about my life. You may not think its that exciting but I like to think it is! My first post is about my weekend trip to St. Louis with my best friend McKenleigh. The reason we decided to go to St. Louis this particular weekend was to go see Legally Blonde The Musical and then added some shopping and eating to the mix because what do girls love more than food and clothes? I normally work weekends so it was really nice to get a weekend off and get out of town! We left Memphis around 11am Friday and couldn't believe how hard Arkansas had been hit by the ice storm a few days ago. So many trees and power lines were down but luckily the roads were fine except for a few icicles that tried to attack McKenleigh's car from the over passes! We had planned to eat at Lamberts, Home of the Throwed Roll, in Sikeston, MO but the town had no power. So we continued on to Cape Girardeau to the Cracker Barrel. It was snowy and icy there too but they had power so we headed in very carefully so we didn't fall!

This is what the parking lot looked like!!

Breakfast for lunch!! YUM:)

Later that evening was the musical. We got all dressed up and went to the Fox Theater. It is so much nicer than The Orpheum and we actually had leg room!!

The muscial was so cute! I definately recommend it! My favorite part was that they used real dogs and they were so cute!! Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge dog lover and that definately won me over! The next day we ate at a bagel place for breakfast called Einstein Bagels. Great coffee and bagels, bad service. I mean I know I'm not in the south but is it too much to ask for the cashier to speak one word? Then we went to the mall and shopped for like 3 hours!! What a great time! That afternoon we went to the Budweiser Brewery and went on a tour. It was so neat to see how the beer was made. There are so many steps involved! My favorite part was when we got to see the Clidesdale horses. They are gorgeous and huge!!

Drinking the free beer after the tour. Now I am not a fan of any kind of beer but the Michelob Ultra Pomegrante Raspberry was very good!!

McKenleigh enjoying her Michelob Ultra Pomegrante Raspberry!

Later that night we went to eat sushi at The Drunken Fish. Now McKenleigh had been raving about this place for weeks so it had a lot to live up to... and it was AMAZING!! Best sushi I've ever had!

We probably ate our weigt in Sushi rolls but it was so worth it!

We went back to the apartment and watched Under the Tuscan Sun after we finshed eating. I had never seen that movie before but it was actually really cute! I was a little skeptical because I'm not a fan of Diane Lane but I really liked it! This morning(Sunday) we got up and got some donuts and coffee and headed back home. Wish we could have stayed longer but I had a blast! Thanks Mac for inviting me, we definately have to do it again!!


  1. The photos of the food are toooooo much.. you two are a complete HOOT!