Grocery Shopping

Ok, I have an issue. For some reason I like to go to the grocery store almost every day and get whatever I want to cook that night. Now this doesn't happen everyday since on the days I work I work 12 hour shifts but for the most part that's how I am. I think this started out of laziness and indecisiveness. I can never decide what to make for dinner for one night, let alone the whole week! Plus, it's so nice to just run in and run out with a few items instead of spending forever getting a weeks worth of groceries. But this has got to stop. It is way too time consuming and I am starting to resent going to the store. So how do ya'll plan out a weeks worth of meals? I'm afraid I will buy all the stuff and then not feel like eating it! Help!!


  1. I make sure that I buy basics like chicken, etc to give myself some options. For example, when I buy chicken, that means I can have Mexican or lemon pepper chicken or cajun get the point. If I buy ground turkey I can have a casserole or spaghetti or Mexixan. I am the same way about planning meals, so I have to make sure I have a lot of options.

  2. I posted about this a few weeks ago, and although sometimes I get off track, I have found it to be much easier and actually pretty fun! I live with my bf and so on Sunday's we plan out a week's worth of meals (flexible ones so we can change our mind), then survey the cabinets/fridge/freezer to see what we already have, and make a list for EVERYTHING that we will need. We also sometimes take in a calculator and he adds up as I toss into the cart!

    We have saved a TON by doing it that way!

    Got the original idea here:

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    Hope this helps!! :)