Banana Republic LUXE

I was so excited to find in the mail yesterday that I am now officially a Banana Republic LUXE member. You just have to spend a certain amount each year to become a member. I went from my yellow Banana card to the brown Luxe card (see above)! The best thing about this is I get free shipping from Banana, Gap, and Old Navy! I also got a one day shopping pass that I get to use anytime I want and its 15% off! Yea!! I have already been shopping online and found a dress and bathing suit at Gap that I may order. I will post pics once I decide if I am gonna order them or not.
I am very excited for the Greys Anatomy/ Private Practice cross over event tonight! I will get home from work just in time:)
I was also happy to learn, thanks to A Boy, A Girl, and A Pug, how to post a link to a blog! So simple, I know, but I'm still new at this:) So thanks again!!:)


  1. do share about the link posting.

  2. Hi!!! I have a yellow BR card too! Dunno if I've spent enough in the past year to qualify for the "luxe" card. sure would love one though:)