The Bachelor and Weddings

I found The Bachelor very uneventful tonight. The Women Tell All episodes are the same old same old. Every time it is the same so it didn't hold my attention very well. They showed that same preview of him flinging himself onto his balcony in next week's episode. I really want to know what happens! And no, I am not checking those spoiler sites! I am patiently waiting until next week! Surely he won't take DeAnna back, right?? But then, why all the drama about the After the Final Rose show? Something must have happened for them to not want to have a live audience there... hmmm. I'm still rooting for Melissa. They way he looks when he sees her and the way he talks about her is different than when he sees or talks about Molly. His look for Melissa is a "I can't believe I found you and can't live without you look" and his look for Molly is more of a " I think I love you but not sure if I'm IN love with you" look. Guess we will wait and see...

On another note, I have a little secret I want to share. I have literally been obsessed with weddings and wedding planning the last week or so. I have bought tons of magazines and have been researching constantly on the web! It hit me when Al and I were discussing when we want to get married(and no, I don't have a ring yet!). We kinda came up with the idea of next December because I will have that month off from school. Well actually I came up with the idea, he just really liked it! And he said my ring was coming soon!! So I kinda freaked out and realized I didn't know where or what I wanted my wedding to be! So I have been frantically researching things so I can be prepared to start planning whenever we do get engaged. A little psycho, I know, but I just got really excited! So Al mentioned the other day that he would like to have a beach wedding. His reasons were it would be very easy to plan, the weather would be nice in December, smaller wedding, etc. And I instantly said "no, I've always wanted a church wedding". However, I decided to do some research and discovered a place in Florida called Seaside. Anyone ever been there? Well I had a friend get married there this past December and her pics were gorgeous! So I did more and more research on Seaside and found wedding planners and this gorgeous little chapel where you could do a ceremony and then have your pics done on the beach also! So I started to get really excited about this idea! Of course, I haven't mentioned it to Al because I don't want him to know that I'm a wedding psycho just yet, but I am really digging this idea!! So I found a bunch of neat things in the most recent Elegant Bride magazine. I found a very beautiful dress, a cake design, and most importantly another engagement ring style I like! Now that leads me to another story... So Al and I have been together for almost 7 years, I know forever right? But in those 7 years, he has bought me quite a bit of jewelry, none of which I have picked out myself. And surprisingly, I have liked everything! He has great taste! Well my best friend McKenleigh and I went engagement ring shopping for the both of us and I found a ring I loved! So I told Al all about it, where it was, style, actual number so he could get that exact ring. But then, being the fickle person I am, decided that I really wanted him to pick it out. I have had the idea that he would pick it out himself for years so that's really what I want him to do. So I told him to use that ring as an idea. But now I found another one I want to show him in that magazine! This one is much more simple and I think I like it more than the other one so I will have to show him that tomorrow! Ha:) Ok, I think that's all I want to share about my wedding planning psychoness:) Didn't really plan on this post to be so long, guess I had a lot to say!


  1. How exciting! I love weddings too! I'm still in school so it's out of the question now but definitely in the distant future! We've had that talk too, my bf thinks I'm crazy about planning something that won't happen for 2.5+ years!