God works in mysterious ways!

When I was on my way to work this morning, my car started making this really odd chirping noise. I know nothing about cars but I just had this feeling that something was probably about to die in my car ( and usually my gut feelings are right on). I was just hoping I could get to and from work one more day! Well not to my surprise, when I got off work, something was definately broken on my car. It started up just fine and as I went to pull out of the parking spot, halfway in turn I hear a loud "clunk" and my steering wheel won't budge. Luckily I told my frined Patti to not leave until I got out of the lot because I just had a feeling that something would be wrong. So I literally had to turn my steering wheel inch by inch with all the strength I had to get it back into the parking spot. That took 5 minutes and I was literally out of breath and my arms are still sore. It was a sight to see! I'm sure everyone who was watching me was cracking up because I sure was! Luckily I was able to get a ride back to my parents house from Patti (thanks girl!)and borrow one of their cars to get to work tomorrow. So this is the part where I say God works in mysterious ways...

1. At work, I have a choice to park in the parking garage or an outside lot on the weekends, and I just happened to decide to park in the outside lot. Don't know what I would have done if I was in the garage. There is no way a tow truck would ever get to me!
2. My parents have an extra car and the flexibility in their work schedules to not only let me borrow one of their cars, but to also go to my work tomorrow( which is 45 mins from their house) and get it towed for me while I am working!
3. Apparently, my parents took their car in this morning( the one that I borrowed) to be worked on and it was not supposed to be ready until Sunday. But it was done early today and they were able to pick it up. Good thing because I don't know how I would have gotten to work tomorrow!

Conicidences?? I think not. God has everything mapped out in his plan and even when bad things do happen, he has a way of making them better and making you very thankful for what you do have! Praise God for my parents and friend Patti! :)


  1. OH MY! you are so right, This has definately been a God thing. There is NO WAY all of that happened without God's help.

    I am so thankful you were not on the road when your belt broke.

    Smile... God loves you

  2. I'm sorry that you had car problems. I have been there with my car and I am so glad that I made it off the highway before my car completely fell apart. My parents were able to let me borrow their car and I'm so glad that they could. God does work in big ways when we are in trouble. I'm glad everything is good now and you have your car back.