The Grizz

I went with my mom to the Memphis Grizzlies basketball game tonight and had a blast! I've never been to a professional bball game before. I think the only professional sporting event I've been to is baseball games when I was little. I definately prefer college sports, especially memphis basketball,(can't wait for March Madness!) but I had a really good time tonight. I was surprised by how much of a show is put on. Every time there was a time out for anything, someone was performing or puting on an act. It was very entertaining! So my question to everyone is do you prefer college or professional sports teams and which teams/sports do you enjoy?

One of the highlights of my night was the game food:) I had BBQ nachos from Neely's BBQ. YUM!! I love anything that has to do with BBQ! Well I think that's all for tonight since its WAY past my bedtime and I have to be at a class for work early. More tomorrow:)


  1. you are making it hard for me to diet with all of this candy and food on here... I love sweet tea too..

    how did you get the cool backgrounds?