Shopping Day

My day was filled with shopping, some for me and some for Al for Valentines Day. On my way out to the mall, something crazy happened. I was driving along, having my big SUV blown from side to side from the 50 mph winds and all of a sudden a tree falls in the middle of the road not 10 feet from my car! I slammed on my breaks, swerved and held onto my dog so she wouldn't come flying up from the backseat and safely got around it. Isn't that nuts! I'm just glad it didn't fall on my car!!

For the last 7 years, starting on our first Valentines Day together, I have had this tradition where I buy Al heart or Valentines Day boxers. Weird, I know, don't know why I started it but he seems to like the ones I buy. So today I went to my usual place to buy them, Old Navy, and there were none to be found. So I checked Gap, and still no Valentines boxers. I mean how hard is it to find? I've never had trouble before. So then I headed to American Eagle, the last spot I was going to check. And still no heart boxers. So I decided to get him bright pink ones that have penquins with scarves. At least they are pink!! I also went to a chocolate shop and bought him a thing of truffles. And of course while I was there, I had to buy myself a treat so I got a Tiramisu truffle. YUM!!

I bought myself a couple things too:). Have ya'll ever tried the Bath and Body works home air fresheners?? They look like this...

They smell so good! I have one in my living room and bedroom so today I decided to buy one for my office and some more refills. I bought guava and passionfruit for my office, and juicy nectarine refills. Try them if you haven't!! They are amazing!!

I also decided to buy myself a dress. Lately I've been really into dresses. So I bought this one at a store called Francescas, and will look cute in the summer and with a black long sleeve shirt and black tights for winter. I am trying to find multi season dresses:)Cute huh??

So for dinner I am making Beef Enchiladas and Spanish Rice! Sounds so good! If you haven't checked this blog out yet, definately do. Its a great blog and she has great recipes! That's where I have been getting all the recipes I've been posting! Kellys Korner!

I also bought the new Michelob Ultra flavor, Pomegrante Raspberry. I tried it at the brewery in St. Louis and its really good:) Especially for someone who doesn't like beer!

I think that's all I have for today:) Hope everyone has a great night!!

* NEWBIE QUESTION: If anyone can tell me how to post a link to someone's blog with just their name instead of the whole web address coming up please let me know how to! *


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day shopping. That dress is really pretty and I can totally see it worn in the winter with long sleeves and leggings. I'm sure Al will like his new pink boxers but I still can't believe you couldn't find any heart or red boxers anywhere. Weird.

  2. oh bless your heart that sounds so scary. glad you missed the tree. those enchiladas sound delicious by the way. and on your blog question...type in the name then highlight it and at the top with all the options like bold, font, picture there is one that looks like a link. click it and type in your web address that you want to link it to. hope i didn't confuse you anymore feel free to shot me an e-mail if you need some help.

  3. great day of shopping.. do it while you have no kids.. when they are in the picture- you never get anything for yourself anymore.

    btw- how do you get the photos in such cool places.