Work Tuesday

Not too much to talk about today since I was at work for 12 hours! I did want to say that the Poppyseed Chicken I made last night was wonderful! I ate it for lunch and dinner again today! So I ended up watching The Bachelor last night, so happy Melissa and Molly both got roses! Not so thrilled with Naomi, wish he would have kept Stephanie around. I'm excited for the hometown dates next week.

I can't believe the weather difference from when I walked into work this morning to when I left this evening. It's like 25 degrees right now! I am so glad I am off tomorrow and get to be lazy, especially since its supposed to be even colder tomorrow:) I do have some shopping to do before I go to the Grizzlies game with my mom. I bought a cute casual dress this past weekend in St. Louis and am thinking about wearing it to the game tomorrow night but not quite sure if its more of a T shirt and jeans crowd since I've never been to a game before. Any suggestions? Well that's all for tonight!