Tired and Sore Tuesday

This is just going to be a short one tonight because I am worn out! Not really sure why because for once, I wasn't that busy at work today. Maybe that's what threw me off! But I have been yawning all day! On another note, I am so freaking sore from running yesterday! No, not my ankle, but every other part of my body. Ladies: Never get hurt and take 2 months off from running, it's awful to start from the beginning! My calves, hamstrings, abs, and back are all sore and got progressively worse througout the day to the point that one of my co -workers asked if I was ok because I was limping! Ha! But I still plan to run tomorrow:) Not sure if it will be outside or on my treadmill because I think it's supposed to be kinda stormy. Anyway, hope everyone had a good day and I am looking forward to my 3 days off in a row:)


  1. I'll be in knoxville.

  2. I came over from Mrs. Stilettos! Cute blog!!

    I used to workout religiously. One day, I just stopped! Horrible mistake! I started back yesterday and am SOOOOOOOO sore!! It makes me feel sooo good though :) Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  3. I came from Mrs. Stilettos! Welcome!

  4. Hi there and welcome! Found you through Mrs Stiletto's blog. Saide is a cuttie!! Have a great day!