AC is back!!

I am very happy to report that my AC is back up and running!! Some fan thing was broken and it was fixed for free! Gotta love a home warranty!

I have been studying for my Chemistry test, that is tomorrow, all day today:( So boring!! I got out of the house around 10:45 and took Sadie on a nice mile long walk. The weather is actually a little cooler today, with all the clouds and chance of rain I hope we get (just so I don’t have to water! Haha). I got home and did a totally random 25 minute strength workout! I did a bunch of plyometrics too so my heart was pounding!! I think 25 minutes seems to be my max of time for a strength routine before I get bored with it. You would think I have ADD with the way I get bored so easily!! I always do abs last, no particular reason why, but I am always ready to be finished so I half way do my abs. So my plan for next time is to do abs first so I really work them good!! After that, I finished up with a 25 minute walk (1.5 miles) on the treadmill while studying. I think I am actually about to go do more treadmill walking/studying! Kinda changes it up a bit!

I am happy to report I did well on my first anesthesia exam!! I hope I can keep it up! I am always really nervous for the first test in each class because you really don’t know what to expect!! So I still have my first chemistry test (tomorrow!!) and my first anatomy test later in the month to be nervous about!!

I am excited to watch Big Brother tonight! I always get sucked into that show!! I am hoping to be able to walk with Erin again tonight if the weather cooperates!! I hope everyone has a fabulous evening!!


  1. Hope you keep the good test momentum going - you're sure studying hard!!

    I have a huge stack of things that I want to read and just haven't gotten around to it, maybe I need to do your treadmill reading technique, and get 2 things done at once!

  2. Thank God about the AC and congrats on your test!

  3. I seriously don't understand how people live without AC. I love it wayyy too much!

    Congrats on a successful first test!

  4. So glad your AC is back up and running and that's awesome about your test. Proud of you!!! :)

  5. So sad we didn't get to walk last night! Matt leaves today at 1:30pm and will be gone for a week, so I will be looking for some company!

  6. Yay for your exam!! Ugh, I get so BORED on the treadmill! Last night Jas and I went to the gym and I thought I was going to die of boredom at the third mile...walking is much more fun on the treadmill for some reason..good luck with your other tests :)