Lots of Random

Thanks for everyone who replied to me about sending out Save the Dates! I agree with Kristen, that since it is a destination wedding I do need to send them out, especially to the people I really want to come!! And thanks to Melissa, I found some super cute ones at VistaPrint for super cheap!! So problem solved:) I think we will probably go with this one:

save the date 1

Obviously it would be our wedding info where all the name and address stuff is but I think it’s cute and very beachy!! What do ya’ll think? Al liked this one the best so this is probably what we will go with. And did I mention, only $12.99 for 25 magnets?!?! What a steal!!

I will try to find a picture of the PERFECT wedding invitations I found, I forgot the designer so I have to ask my mom!! The funny thing is, my mom is more of the budget enforcer than my dad! He’s like “oh, whatever you want…”!! I didn’t think he would be like that! Haha. But of course my mom keeps us on budget:)

On to my runs… Yesterday was an off day and I walked about 3.25 miles and did some strength training. Today was my long run day and I decided to tackle that 6 hilly mile route at my parents house.. and I did!! The weather was awesome again this morning, 60 degrees when I headed out. I felt really good the majority of this run!! The last 2 miles I had this man running behind me and I didn’t want him to pass me so I kept speeding up! And he never passed! I ended up running an average pace of 10:35 min/mile for the entire 6 miles!! I am super happy with that! Last week, same route, I ran 11:13 min/ mile! I am super stoked that I am back into the 10’s today!! My calves are a little crampy now so I am going to continue to stretch but I am so happy with this run!!

Jumping onto another topic… Check out this super huge watermelon Al brought me from his grandpa’s garden!


You should have seen me trying to cut this thing! I could barely pick it up!! So now I have tons of watermelon to eat and it’s super juicy and sweet! YUM!! Anyone have any good recipes that use watermelon??

Sorry this is so long but I keep thinking of things to write about!! So I have an announcement to make… We finally booked the ceremony and reception venue!! Yay! We decided to go with The Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Resort. We got a great price on it and it allows me to have my ceremony on the beach and reception on the terrace, all at the same place!! I am super excited!! If you click here, there are tons of pics of ceremonies and receptions where I will be having mine! I can’t wait!!

Well I think that’s enough for now, I am off to lunch with an old friend who I haven’t seen in ages and then back to study/read for the rest of the day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day:)


  1. Niki- that is going to be an absolutely beautiful location!!!!!! So excited for you :)

  2. I love the save the dates!! Great find. Your guests will appreciate that for sure. Your wedding is goign to be so beautiful! Great job on the run too. That's major improvment.

  3. I'm glad you found something you like! Vista Print is awesome!!

  4. So much good news! Your wedding venue looks gorgeous!

    And the only 'recipe' I know for watermelon is a spiked watermelon (cutting a hole, draining some water, and filling the whole thing with tons of booze). I learned something in college - go master's degree!

  5. Yay! Great job on the run :) Looks like you've gotten faster! Glad that you were able to find some invitations you liked and a destination too :) I'm sure you will have a beautiful/unforgettable wedding :)