What day is today??

I sat down to write this post and couldn’t remember what day of the week it was for the life of me… yikes! Not a good sign! Haha, moving on…

I had a great run this morning! On the schedule for today was speed work, 4 miles. So I warmed up and then did a fartleck run called a 5-4-3-2-1. Basically you run hard for 5 mins, then slower/recovery for 3 mins, then hard for 4 mins, then slower/recovery for 3 mins, and so on. I used 3 mins as my recovery each time and it was still tough! But I completed all 4 miles of it:) I really love speed work, oh and by the way, I did this on the treadmill this morning. I like doing my speed work on the treadmill, so much easier, plus I get to sleep in and not worry how hot it will be when I run!

Last night I made Brown Sugar Rubbed Salmon for dinner and it was delish!! Erin, your recipe is awesome! Al loved it just as much as I did! I will definitely be making this again!! If you want the recipe, it’s in yesterday’s post. I am too lazy to go find it again!

On to the wedding question of the day… Where did ya’ll register at or where do you think would be a good place to register at? I’m open to all suggestions:) Hope ya’ll have a great night!


  1. Pottery Barn, and see if there is some sort of registry for your honeymoon!

  2. The salmon sounds sooo yummy! We love fish around here!

  3. About your last post, I did a website on the knot, and at the time it was free. Kinda sounded like it's not free anymore. I liked the idea, but never really kept up with it. Forutnately, I didn't really give it out so it was all good. I like the idea.

  4. I wished I liked salmon!! Sounds good though!

    My husband and I were older when we got married and both had kids, so we didn't register anywhere.

    We got married on the beach in Florida, my daughter was my bridesmaid and my husband's son was best man.

    We had a party when we got back, but requested no gifts, even though people did!

    Target is always a good idea - and for kitchen stuff WILLIAMS & SONOMA! If you get quality kitchen ware to begin with, it will last you for years!

  5. Thats great you like speed work...as for me? not so much. Ive never been married so I can't help ya out in that department :D

  6. We registered at Target, Macy's, and Williams Sonoma. I wish I had taken out Macy's and done Crate and Barrel instead.

  7. Ooo that is a great outline for speedwork - I'm going to have to give that a try!

  8. I hate when my schedule is all messed up and I don't know what day it is! It can be so confusing.

    I'm not even engaged, but I think it'd be fun to register at Crate and Barrel, Macy's, William Sonoma, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond!

  9. I was all about the Target.

  10. We registered at Target, Macy's and Pampered Chef. I highly recommend doing a Pampered Chef registry. I got lots of stuff from it and LOVE all of it. I'm glad yall liked the salmon!