Double Your Pleasure

Sorry for being MIA yesterday, just got busy!! So I will do 2 days worth of posts in one!!

I spent most of the day in class and studying. It was an off day for running so I did a 25 minute strength routine and about 3 miles of walking, between taking Sadie on a walk and walk/studying on the treadmill. Al came over and we just spent some quality time together. He also spent some quality time getting Sadie super revved up before bed, gotta love that... Overall, a pretty uneventful day!!

Today, so far:
I got up at 5:15am and headed out to my parents house to do my long run before it started to rain. I did 6 hilly miles and it was MUCH better than my 6 miler this past Sunday(I ran the same route, which is killer!!) I walked a few times but still kept a normal long run pace for me! Yay!! After I finished, my mom and I took the dogs for a quick walk and then it started to rain when we got back. So glad I got all my outdoor activities in before the rain!! The rest of the day includes studying for my test that maybe is tomorrow and maybe is Monday. You would think I would know by now seeing as it may be tomorrow but whatev. I've learned to be flexible and I will be prepared either way. I also have class this afternoon and then a fun filled BUNCO evening with some friends from my old work!! I have never played BUNCO but it sounds fun! Any excuse to get together with the girls!! Has anyone else ever played Bunco? I remember my parents were in a big Bunco group and played all the time when I was little. I'm super excited!!

I am happy it's almost the weekend!! Anyone have anything fun going on today? I am actually kind of enjoying the rainy weather. Super relaxing:)


  1. I have totally never played bunco but would so love to. Have heard so much about it. Have fun girl!!! :)

  2. Enjoy the rainy day - I keep thinking of when we get to move somewhere that has weather and I can have a relaxing rainy day!

  3. I played in a Bunco tournament and my friend's parents' house (more fun that it sounds!) for New Years Eve one was so fun!

  4. I;ve never played Bunco before, but I've heard it's awesome!

  5. Nice job on the hilly 6 miler!!